Watch: Nayanthara Ammoru Thalli Movie New Video Song Released - 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Nayanthara Ammoru Thalli Movie New Video Song Released - 3Movierulz

Nayanthara Ammoru Thalli Video Song: Nayantara is increasing her image as a South Lady superstar. And it is also going to choose the characters that suit his image. Especially for heroine oriented films, she is now the brand ambassador. She has increased her image without needing other heroes. That's why Nayantara has made a series of lady-oriented films for the last five years. Most of them have also achieved success. Tamil Nadu is not even a success rate for the heroes. Because the new directors are preparing many stories keeping in mind Nayantara. Nayan is also set to be a weird set. But her roles are different The role that has been done is different. Because Nayan gave the performance of Ammoru Thalli.

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Nayan, who was seen as Sita in Balakrishna's 'Srirama Rajyam' directed by Bapu Now Ammoru showed her acting as an Ammoru Thalli. The trailer of the film has already been released and has received a good response. Ammoru Thalli's song has been released in the film. The song is sung by the famous singer L.R. Iswari. The song was composed by Girish Gopalakrishnan. Ar Rahman has provided music.

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RJ Balaji, who has been well known as a Tamilnadu comedian, directed the film 'Ammeru Thali'. Balaji is doing Ammoru Thalli with Nayantara with his friend Saravanan. This film is coming up as Amukuthi Amman in Tamil Nadu. being released in Telugu with the name of the Ammoru Thalli. My God film under five years is remembered. The whole thing cannot be said but there is a struggle between God and man. Here too. Most importantly, the thief babas who are making money by the name of God are well-targeted in the Ammoru Thalli Movie. Telugu actor Ajay Ghosh is playing the thief, Baba. The film will be released in Hotstar as a Diwali gift. Nayantara is looking for the right success recently Amor is going to be a mother once again.


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