Meka Suri 2 Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightMeka Suri 2 Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: November 27th, 2020 Rating: 2.5 / 5

Cast: Abhinay, Samaya, etc.

Directed by: Trinadh Velisila

Written by: Trinadh Velisila

Producer: Karthik Kancherla

Meka Suri 2 is an action thriller series in the crime genre, directed by Trinadh Velisila. Theater artists Sumaya and Abhinay are introduced as actors. The series is being produced by Karthik Kancherla on Simba Entertainment. The film is available on ZEE5. And let's see how this movie is in the review.

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What is the Troop behind Meka Suri (Abhinay)? What is the relationship between him and that Troop? Why did Meka Suri kill Gopalarao along with the Troop? The sequel started in the sense that... What did the brothers plan to do to save Meka Suri and Divakar from the police? Have Meka Suri and Divakar been spared from the police so far? Why are the real brothers supporting Suri? Who killed Surya's wife? How did Suri take revenge on them? What is the revenge of the police on Veerabhadra Suri in this order? Why does he want to kill Suri? What was Veerabhadram's final help to Suri? How did the whole Meka Suri story end? That is the rest of the story.

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Plus points:

The main character in this movie is Suri's character .. the track related to that character .. as well as the rest of the characters tied to that character .. the point of view of the characters... Thus, the whole ‘Meka Suri 2’ movie went on differently. Suspense scenes and twists and emotions, in particular, are a special attraction of the film. Abhinay, who played the main lead in the film, maintained his looks and physique well to suit his role. Impressed with his realistic acting, he is the highlight of the movie.

The actor who played the role of Police Veerabhadram also acted well. Some of his words were well entertained. The rest of the cast also did well to the extent of their character. The wild acting of the actors who acted as brothers was also a big plus for the film. Director Trinadh Velisila tried his best to cultivate some emotional scenes in this revenge action thriller. He was particularly successful in filming scenes suitable for the present.

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Minus points:

Some scenes are very sloppy, as well as stretching the screenplay in a complete suspense point of view without elevating the main conflict to clarity. However, despite the director's quality work, the concept, the flashback scenes, and the climax scenes are good. Similarly, the storylines are not too sloppy.

Some scenes no longer connect properly emotionally. The director started the film as interesting and then diverted the story with unnecessary scenes. All in all this regular revenge story is about love and revenge action drama. It would have been nice if there were no more action scenes than necessary overall.

Technical Department:

The emotional content that director Trinadh Velisila wants to say in the film is good... The storylines did not go with an interesting plot. The songs composed by the music director are good. The cinematography seems okay for this movie. However, the locations are impressive with all the natural visuals. The way the cameramen screen them is impressive. Editing is good. The production values ​​adopted by the filmmaker Karthik do not matter.


The crime revenge action drama titled 'Meka Suri' sequel was impressive in some places but failed to impress in terms of cinema. But with some thrilling elements in the story as well as some emotional scenes the director seemed to be okay. However, the film is not liked by audiences from all walks of life as the storytelling is sloppy and the film manages to depress the audience of decent and family films. But for those who like action thrillers, some elements of the film are connected.


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