Watch: Gatham Full Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Gatham Full Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release Date: November 6, 2020 Rating: 2.75/5

Lead Cast: Bhargava Poludasu, Rakesh Galebhe, Pujita Kuraparthi

Director: Kiran Kondamadugula

Producer: S Originals, Offbeat Films

Music Director: Sricharan Pakala

Cinematography: Manoj Reddy

Recently, we have seen many interesting films being released directly into digital platforms. So now the film "Gatham" released on the iconic streaming company Amazon Prime. Let's see how the film is in an interesting backdrop.

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Rishi (Rakesh) forgets his past and wakes up from the treatment in a hospital in America. Where his girlfriend Aditi (Pujitha) tries to help him get to his father. In that order, their car breaks down on the road as he takes him in the car. At the same time, an unidentified person (Bhargava Poludas) gives them a lift and takes them to their home. But at the same time, Rishi and Aditi find out that he has targeted them. Who is this unknown person? What is his relationship with them? Why did Rishi forget the past?

Plus Points:

First, the film should be spoken for the production values. The amazing visuals were also shown in the unit film that showed amazing camera work in the trailer. Some drone shots seem to be Hollywood take. The background score provided by Sricharan Pakala is also a good impression.

When it comes to the actors, the main lead Rakesh has made his role settled. But his voice modulation is a bit of Vijay Devarakonda. Everything else is okay. The heroine who appeared in the supporting role throughout the film has done a good job. Bhargav, who appeared in the villain role, also gave a good output. The dark shades he has shown are impressive.

As well as the story of the story or the twists of the story, the story seems to be decent. Along with these, the investigation in the film and some other interesting things seem to be good. The end of the film is also so decent.

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video's Gatham Movie

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Minus Points:

If you come to minus points in this film, there are many things in the film. It is better to take care of the characterization establishment system, not just missing some logic in the US.

The beginning of the film does not seem to be so impressive. In addition, casting is all new and it takes time to see it as settled. Only then will these things become interesting.

It would have been better if some twists and endings were still interesting. As well as many scenes are predicted (especially the climax) that are all defective.

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video's Gatham Movie

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Technical Category:

As mentioned earlier, the production values of the film appear out of the box. The background score of the camera work or the visuals seems to be a good impression. Dubbing and dialogues are good. The screenplay is okay. If the director comes to the performance, his first film is a good attempt.

The way he wrote the film seems to be decent. The way the film is screened is good. As well as the visuals he wanted to show correctly established. But there are some deficits. Some of the key scenarios should have been written better. It would be better to show the twists with the rolls in the film.


If you look at the whole thing, the "Gatham" can be said to be a psychological thriller. The decent storyline, constructive values, and some twists that come in the story are impressive. The past is an option for those who want to see the new casting and okay thriller movies.


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