Watch: Aashram Full Web Series Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Aashram Full Web Series Review In 3Movierulz

Cast: Bobby Deol et al

Director: Prakash Zaha

Written by: Kuldeep Ruhil, Tejpal Singh Rawat, Avinash Kumar, Madhavi Bhatt

Producer: Prakash Zaha

Editor: Santosh Mandal

Music: Chandan Kauai

Continuing the series of reviewing web series along with movies during this lockdown .. Series Aashram that came as today's series. The series is available on the MX Player. And let's see how this series looks in the review

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In the second season, Pammi (Aditi Pohankar) is a girl from a backward caste, completely influenced by Kashipur Wale Baba (Bobby Deol). But the sad thing is that she did not know that Baba had separated Pammi from her brother. Also, since Baba is a very famous man, he will try hard to bring X CM back to power to run his empire. In this order, he is facing some problems from the current CM. So what are those issues? What is the original remaining story? Also, how did the fake Baba finally come to light? Is the rest of the story.

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What's good:

Unlike the first season, Bobby Deol had more scope to perform his role just as strongly. With that he showed excellent acting, he acted wonderfully as a villain and a villain. And Bobby Deol taking a U-turn from his regular Bollywood roles and pretending to be a fake Baba is also a special attraction.

Aditi Pohankar got a good role. As well as her excellent acting. In Season 2, she got more space for her role. And Trida Chowdhury is impressive in her role and in her second season shocked many with her daring actions.

The scenes presented are full with full details of how the fake Baba works. The BGM of the series is excellent. Camerawork needs special mention. Nice camera work.

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What's wrong:

Tension and suspense, the biggest highlight of the second season, have no big reason in the story. The scenes between the fake Baba and the main characters are good at first but the scenes after that are not so great. The pace of the story over is also very slow. Also, the article still needs to be well explained.

The scenes that come in terms of how Baba enjoys his physical relationships are not interesting to any extent. Also, the climax was embarrassing to stretch for no reason. It would have been nice if it had ended up in an even simpler manner.

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Overall, Bobby Deol's Aashram did not live up to the hype of the second season. The story is good... Although the performances of the actors are excellent, the slow-moving treatment and boring scenes are very embarrassing. Also, the fake Baba could not be shown so great in his role. But, let’s watch this series happily for once.


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