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copyrightNagarjuna's Wild Dog Movie Discussion On Direct OTT Release - 3Movierulz

The release of big movies on OTT is going to be very common in the future. Big budget movies, as well as big movies like never before, seem to be showing more interest in digital. The situation of some movies was in a dilemma as the corona hit. Others are ready to be released, at least in OTT. Talk is coming that the Nagarjuna movie is also coming directly to OTT soon. That movie is nothing else. Wild Dog is shaping up to be an action thriller in the NIA backdrop.

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That’s why it was so late

The Wild Dog movie is set to release later this summer. But the final schedule had to be postponed due to an accidentally hit corona. About 7 months later, they started shooting and brought it to the ending stage. Post-production work on the film will also be completed soon.

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Wild dog in OTT ..?

When it comes to the actual matter, the expectations of a category of the audience on the Wild Dog movie are huge. However, it seems that the final decision has been made to release the film through OTT. Recently, some movies have proved that it is very easy to connect with the masses, no matter what the content is. That's why the Wide Dog producers have also started talks.

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Focused Netflix

And some companies are working hard for OTT rights to the Wild Dog movie. The talk is coming as Netflix companies along with Hot Star have offered a huge amount for the deal. First came the talk that Amazon wanted to acquire the Prime OTT rights. And now the direct release so the demand has increased though. Hence the information that Netflix is ​​focusing on the movie.


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