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copyrightRam Gopal Varma Press Meet About High Court Orders On Murder Movie - 3Movierulz

The controversial Ram Gopal Varma directed film 'Murder' Directed by Anand Chandra. Anurag Kancharla presented Nattyentertainments and Quite Entertainmentbanners on Natti karuna and Natti Kranti. Ram Gopal Varma has previously announced that the film is based on a real-life story. Moreover, the case of Pranay murder in Miryalguda in the Nalgonda district is based on the case.

After the release of the 'Murder' trailer, the controversy over the film began. Amrita Pranay filed a petition in the Nalgonda District Court that Ram Gopal Varma made the film without his permission and its release. The court has stayed the release of 'murder'. The 'Murder' producers have approached the Telangana High Court challenging the stay. The High Court heard the petition and gave the green signal that the film could be released. Amrita, Pranay, and Maruti Rao can release the film without using the names. Nalgonda court has dismissed the stay.

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Ram Gopal Varma expressed happiness when the high court ruled in their favor. On Friday evening, a media conference was held in the Film Chamber in Hyderabad. Amrita and Pranay's story is not a film Verma made it clear that he made the film 'Murder' based on such incidents. However, why did amrita tweet the photo in the past Verma escaped by answering the media representatives' questions in his own style of why he mentioned the incident?

Asked if the film based on amrita story would affect her family, Varma responded. "It's already in the public domain. There was a lot of publicity in the media. Many times a day. What is new to the film based on the story I did not make this film to degrade someone. One is not correct and the other is wrong. My film is an analysis of why such an event happens. "

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The film he made is not about the Amrita family Verma said that he did not need to take their permission. "Go into their bedroom. What are they talking about in the kitchen? This is not a movie. I have nothing to do with them and their story. Such events happen when love marriages occur. Many such things happen in the year. Some of them are not popular.


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