Laxmii Movie In Movierulz: Akshay Kumar 6 Controversial Movies Apart From Laxmii - 3Movierulz

copyrightLaxmii Movie In Movierulz: Akshay Kumar 6 Controversial Movies Apart From Laxmii - 3Movierulz

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani's film ' Laxmii' is ready for release. There was a lot of debate about the film being released on the OTT platform on 9th November. The world was that the name of the film also had to be changed from the ' Laxmmi bomb ' to ' Laxmii'. Akshay Kumar, famous for his country-old films in the past few years, is a big favorite of all, but in the past few years, Akshay Kumar's total 6 films were also fiercely disputed. There were a hue and a cry. The effect was that sometimes the makers pulled the foot back, and the film was released in cinemas without caring for anyone.

These are the 'goals' about these and the debates

In this round of corona infection, ' Lakshmi ' is being released just before Diwali on OTT. The name of the film was the first ' Lakshmi bomb '. With the film, Pahalwa and Ism were associated when Akshay Kumar took his stand on the Dras connection of Bollywood after Sushant Singh Rajput's death. In the video, he supported Bollywood. Akshay Kumar was opposed and there was a demand for a boycott of the film. The film was then linked to ' Love Jihad '. A lot of noise. The protest against the ' title ' of the film began in the Akh RI. It came to the point that it was an insult to Hindu deities. The word ' bomb ' was expressed with the target. In the world, the makers changed the name of the film to ' Lakshmi '.

Good Newwz (Year 2019)

There was also a controversy over Akshay Kumar's film 'Good Newwz' released last year. Soon after the film's trailer release, there was a huge uproar on social media over a film dialogue. In the trailer, Akshay Kumar is talking to his sister's husband, who tells him that he has named his child ' Hola ' RAM because he was born on the day of Holi. Akshay says that his child was not born on the day of Lohri. The dialogue was described as an insult to the Punjabi community and Lord Rama.

Housefull 4

It was all right till the release of Akshay Kumar's film ' Housefull 4 '. However, after the release, the contract was added to it. There was a kind of news about the film's box office collection. There were many reports that the makers had made the film's collection a wrong show. The film and the actors were trolls. Later, the makers also gave the clarification.

Jolly LLB 2 (2017)

Akshay Kumar's film ' Jolly LLB 2 ' was also associated with a contract. The lawyer was outraged by the film's trailer. Akshay Kumar played the role of a lawyer in the film. And some of the scenes were outraged by lawyers that their image had been spoiled. A complaint was lodged against Akshay, after which some of the scenes of the film were editable.

Rustom (2016)

He had to face the displeasure of the fellows over the auction of Akshay Kumar's film ' Rustom ' costume. Akshay had auctioned off his costume worn in the film and talked about the help of animal welfare. The people had wrongly termed the auction of the Navy uniform. Akshay had to clean up that it was a costume worn in the film. He respects the real uniform of the soldier.

Khiladi 786 (2012)

Some religious communities objected to the title of Akshay Kumar and Asin star film 'Khiladi 786'. A day before the release, a group of people met Akshay Kumar and asked him to change the name of the film to 'Khiladi 786'. Akshay Kumar assured him that there was nothing negative in it. Akshay had told him that it was not possible to change the poster now, yet assured that he would propagate the name in the next promotion.

Singh Is King (2008)

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif star became Akshay Kumar Sikhs in the film. People objected to some of its horns. Then some of the scenes in the film had to be deleted and editable.


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