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copyrightAkshay Kumar's Laxmii Movie Breaks Recrods Of Sushant Singh's dil bechara - 3Movierulz

The days of box office records in the film industry have disappeared in recent times. The OTT for movies has now become a carafe address as the theaters are closed due to lockdown. Laxmii's film, which is a combination of Akshay Kumar and Lawrence Raghava, has a new record in the Disney+Hotstar app. This record goes into details

Kanchana is a remake of the film

Laxmii movie was created as a remake of Kanchana, a big success in the south. Lawrence Raghava entered Hindi for the first time and directed. Akshay Kumar Kiara Advani stars in the film is a small change. The film was released on November 9 on The Disney+Hotstar app after the theaters were closed due to coronavirus.

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Even though the audience broke the lip

But the audience who saw The Kanchana movie saw Laxmii's movie and broke the lips. The film was trolled on social media. The response to the media is that the audience has not been able to impress the audience as a majority, despite some negative and some positive in the north.

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Within a few hours of release, the record viewership

Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar stars Laxmii has rewritten all records in Disney Hotstar. Within hours of its release, the film was a Bollywood blockbuster, Disney + Hotstar released a poster. The film was described as a blockbuster of the year.

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Dil Bechara Records Break

But before Laxmii, Disney+Hotstar has the highest opening film Sushant Singh Rajput stars Dil Bechara. After Sushant Singh's death, the film was released and the highest viewership broke records. Laxmii is the highest opening film to rewrite the latest Dil Bechara record.

Akshay Kumar in happiness Akshay Kumar expressed his happiness on social media for the film's biggest hit in The Oat. Laxmii is happy to receive a good response to the film. He thanked the audience and fans who saw the big height in Disney + Hotstar.


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