Watch Full Mulan Movie you can now watch without a DisneyPuls subscription - 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch Full Mulan Movie you can now watch without a DisneyPuls subscription - 3Movierulz

For several weeks now, "Mulan", which was supposed to be in theaters in the spring, has been running on Disney+. However, subscribers to the streaming service will have to pay an additional fee for the movie. From today, anyone can buy it - even without a subscription!

The fact that the remake of "Mulan" did not hit cinemas in March 2020 was a severe blow for the film industry – it was only the beginning. In the meantime, due to the Corona crisis, a series of films are being canceled and postponed, and many productions are even being postponed for years. After all, no one really had to wait for "Mulan".

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The real-life movie landed on Disney+, but even paying subscribers were asked to pay again. For $21.99 there is the so-called VIP ticket, with which you have permanent access to the film – as long as you are a subscriber.

Mulan on Disney+

However, from today's October 6, anyone can purchase the film, whether or not they subscribe to Disney's streaming platform. Because the exclusive window is now over – and so "Mulan" is available from today also at various other providers. 

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If you don't want to buy "Mulan" as a VoD or pay for it again as a Disney+ customer, you don't have to wait forever. From December 4, 2020, the Disney blockbuster can be watched on Disney+ without an additional $21.99.


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