Gerard Butler must save his family: German trailer for disaster action Greenland - 3Movierulz

copyrightGerard Butler must save his family: German trailer for disaster action Greenland - 3Movierulz

"Greenland" is not by Roland Emmerich, but may as well have been directed by Hollywood's riot director #1. Now there is a German trailer – and a new German launch date on October 29, 2020.

In "Greenland," humanity is in high spirits because the comet "Clarke" will race close to Earth. But the tense anticipation quickly turns into concern and then sheer panic: contrary to what the scientists calculate, some fragments of the comet enter the Earth's atmosphere – and there they do not burn up, but strike everywhere on the planet.

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After Florida was hit by a large comet fragment, the U.S. government tries to evacuate selected citizens and their families and bring them to Greenland. But as more and more meteorites strike and cause catastrophic destruction, the population is increasingly panicking. In all the chaos, John Garrity (Gerard Butler) is trying to keep his family alive...


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"Coming in the cinema" is only non-binding at the end of the German trailer for "Greenland", but in fact, there is now a new German start date: After the disaster actioner has already started in Some European countries in Augst and September, "Greenland" in Germany will now start on October 29, 2020. In the US, on the other hand, only one VoD launch is planned.


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