Tomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander expects filming to begin in 2021 - 3Movierulz

copyrightTomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander expects filming to begin in 2021 - 3Movierulz

The performer has acknowledged that the plan was to record the film this year, but the coronavirus crisis has prevented it.

Lara Croft will return to the big screen with Tomb Raider 2, the sequel to the saga starring Alicia Vikander. The actress debuted as the famous tomb looter in 2018 with the film Tomb Raider directed by Roar Uthaug and, since the second part was announced in April 2019, details about the project have been rather scarce. 

It was in September last year that it was confirmed that Ben Wheatley will be placed behind the scenes in the continuation of Lara Croft's story and, now, Vikander has updated the state in which the second part is located. 

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The actress has acknowledged that filming was scheduled for this year, but the coronavirus crisis has led to its delay. Specifically, Vikander expects 2021 to be the time when cameras are up and running. "The plan was for us to start doing it this year. Of course, because of the situation, now that's very different," says the performer on Good Morning America. "We're still talking about it, so I hope we'll probably have it next year," she adds. If Vikander's hopes were confirmed, Tomb Raider 2 would arrive in the cinemas, at the latest, in 2022.

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Tomb Raider, the first installment in this new saga about Lara Croft, was based on the 'reboot' of the 2013 video game developed by Crystal Dynamics. The story follows the famous tomb looter at its origins. The film grossed more than $274 million worldwide. At the moment, it is unknown what story the sequel will tell, but it could adapt Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second video game in the character's last trilogy released in 2015. This time, Lara Croft travels to Siberia to find the legendary city of Kitezh and must face the paramilitary organization Trinity, who seeks the immortality that the lost city promises. 


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