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copyrightThe Walking Dead: What about Rick Grimes' films - 3Movierulz

The franchise's content manager updates the status and future of the tapes starring Andrew Lincoln.

Next November marks two years since Rick Grimes was forever fired from The Walking Dead and although his departure came with news of a trilogy of films centered on Andrew Lincoln's character, the state of the feature films, at least the first of them, remains quite uncertain. While the tenth season of the series has received an extra shot of six episodes that will come to light in 2021, as has the first half of the last installment, a spin-off starring Carol and Daryl has also been announced by 2022. However, as the universe of zombie fiction grows, there is a shortage of developments about the state of the movie trilogy.

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However, the writer, producer, and content manager of the Scott Gimple franchise - who was original 'showrunner' - maintains that the trilogy is advancing "slow but safe" while ensuring that the idea is that it can be released on a big screen.

AMC's The Walking Dead

In statements to the Los Angeles Times in which he has talked about plans for the entire franchise, Gimple has been very convinced that the films will come to "tell a story that continues" that, were it not for the pandemic, more progress would probably have been made in the project. In fact, as you can remember from ComicBook, the project's producers already explained last summer that the cameras wouldn't get going until they were sure they could roll safely.

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I'll just say this: Movies take quite a while," Gimple declares to the 'Los Angeles Times'. "It's being a great process. Andy's been deeply involved with it. Robert Kirkman is deeply involved with it. It's moving slowly but safely in a very, very cool way

"Movies take longer than TV," he adds. "I probably had to tell everybody." Meanwhile, the team at the helm of the movies buys time to perfect everything and make sure to develop the most powerful script possible.

"I don't want anyone to think we're just waiting for the pandemic to end," Robert Kirkman added last July. "I would say, if anything, that the pandemic is going to make a lot of movies better. And Rick Grimes' movies are among them because we're buying time to cook it and make sure it's perfect. When things calm down, you're going to hear tons of this movie talk."


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