Watch: Aha's Locked Telugu Full Web Series Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Aha's Locked Telugu Full Web Series Review in 3Movierulz

Lead Cast: Satyadev, Samyuktha, Sri Lakshmi, Abiram Verma, Keshav Deepak, Bindu Chandramauli, Vasu Inturi, John Kottoli, and Rishikant

Director: Pradeep Deva Kumar

Producer: Ram Ganeshan, K.S. Madhubala, Shanmuga Raja

Editor: GK Prasanna

The web series we selected today is "Locked" in order to continue with reviews of many pictures and series during this lockdown. Let's see how this web series is available in our Telugu streaming app "Aha".

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Story :

Dr. Anand (Satyadev) is a renowned neurosurgeon. On the one hand, he chooses a new route in medical science and does key research in it while doing his doctor's career. But when everything is good, two women attack his house all in a sudden. After this incident, his collage Mishab, and a Palai also come to Anand's house. After many key incidents, the shocking truth about Dr. Anand will be revealed. What is that truth about him? Why dr. Anand is so important in this series.

What's good?

The first time this locked web series is to be appreciated for the first time, the director of the series is Pradeep Deva. He has to say that the way he has screened this web series, the concept, or the gripping narration is the main attraction. All of these are more interesting to those who watch this series. The items he presented are also well impressive.

When it comes to the main lead Satya Dev, the observers will know exactly what performance Satya Dev can give. Accordingly, an intelligent dock law outstanding output in this series. His body language or acting seems superb. Senior actress Lakshmi has been impressed with a good role in the series after a long time.

Also, those who watch such a thrilling web series want to be a little realistic. Good production values appear in this series without disappointing them. Many surgery scenes but some other serious stuff scenes are also well shown. Also, some logic sits impressed, and camera work provides amazing visuals. A series of crucial endings are also designed to be very impressive.

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What's okay?

There are also some minor minus points in this series. It would have been better if there was more detailing on the research done by the doctor in this series. Satyadev's backdrop story is also not very impressive. In addition, the screenplay may not be understood for the first time at the starting of the series. It would have been better to take care of these things.

Last word:

The whole thing is that this locked web series is a good option for thrilling genre movies or those who love the series. Content, gripping narration, or Satyadev performances are out of the box. This web series can be seen if you are missing some details and screenplays in the series starting.


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