The New Mutants: That's why the inventor is stinky on the X-Men movie - 3Movierulz

copyrightThe New Mutants: That's why the inventor is stinky on the X-Men movie - 3Movierulz

After years of delay, "The New Mutants" is now in theaters and we can make a judgment about the teen horror drama. One of them has done this and is stinky – and that's inventor Bob McLeod.

Bob McLeod and author Chris Claremont invented the New Mutants. In 1982, the duo released their first comic about a new young superhero team. McLeod was responsible for the character's special look as a draftsman – and is now particularly disappointed with how they look in the cinematic adaptation "The New Mutants".

In a statement on Facebook, he makes it clear that he can overlook most of the changes because the actors behind them are just good: "I was disappointed that they didn't give Dani braids, but I like Blu Hunt. I was disappointed that Rahne wasn't a redhead with prickly hair, but I admire Maisie Williams. I was disappointed that Sam wasn't big and lanky, but I still like Charlie Heaton.'

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But two things bring him to the palm tree.

WHITE-WASHING AND TYPING ERRORS"But most of all, I'm really disappointed that Roberto isn't small and dark-skinned. This is another example of Hollywood whitewashing. There's just no excuse for that.'

McLeod is likely to be particularly affected by this circumstance because Roberto's skin color plays an important role in comic book history. He uses his powers for the first time when he is attacked by a racist for his appearance at a football match. In the film adaptation, the excitement at the first intimate moment is now the trigger.

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"Josh Boone has virtually erased everything I've done to make the characters look like," explains the comic artist, who isn't finished with his excitement...

For the creators probably made an embarrassing mistake: The inventor's name was misspelled in the credits: "You gave the credit as co-inventor to someone called 'Bob Macleod'", according to the author, who is actually called Bob McLeod: "They didn't even take the time to check the spelling of my name at some point in the last three years."

Since this will forever hang on to "The New Mutants", his conclusion is: "I think I'm done with this movie!"

If you're not finished with "The New Mutants," you can watch the unusual "X-Men" movie in theaters. "The New Mutants" has been running since September 10. In our criticism, we even make a rather positive judgment, even if the horror part is very lame.


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