How did 'Rampage' star Dwayne Johnson actually become the most successful actor on the planet? - 3Movierulz

copyrightHow did 'Rampage' star Dwayne Johnson actually become the most successful actor on the planet? - 3Movierulz

How did a former wrestler who made his cinematic debut as Scorpion King in "The Mummy Returns" become a Hollywood superstar? Dwayne Johnson's formula for success is pretty obvious – and very difficult to copy.

The time of the movie stars is over, it is said. In fact, the success of franchise films proves that brands have become more important than faces and personalities when it comes to a movie viewer's decision to buy a ticket. But with Dwayne Johnson, a former wrestler of all the competition shows how to become the highest-paid actor on the planet without acting training and with an entry age of almost 30.

As in the previous year, the business magazine Forbes put Dwayne Johnson at the top of the men's earnings table in 2020. Johnson took in 87.5 million dollars between June 2019 and June 2020, more than Ryan Reynolds (71.5) and Mark Wahlberg (58 million). How did he do it? With a unique combination of business acumen, tireless image maintenance, and charisma.

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The days when he played the one-dimensional powerhouse or turned out for scrap movies like Tooth Fairy on Probation are long gone: For several years, Dwayne Johnson has decided on the role of the sympathetic, fond nominated in family-friendly adventure movies like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, action movies with a family-friendly message like San Andreas.

Even if he stars in a film like "Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw," formerly known as "Men's Cinema," family values are also being transported there.


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At a time when brands are all in the cinema, Johnson has become a brand of his own. When he plays somewhere, the audience knows what they're getting. But he knows, of course, that streaming giant Netflix is currently writing the fattest checks:

For his participation in the agent-action "Red Notice" alone, he is said to have received 23.5 million dollars. And Johnson knows that acting alone is not enough when it comes to accumulating the greatest fortune: that's why he works as a producer on many of his films, so he gets money for it – and sells his own tequila.


The Dwayne Johnson brand no longer stands for his work as an actor. His name is associated with clothing and fitness products, which is very obvious for a man who spends much of his week in the Muckibude. Less obvious: He now also sells his own tequila. At first glance, this does not fit the sporty image of the actor, but on the second one already:

The brand, Teremana, is advertised as a tequila, which is to be enjoyed in small sips instead of being drunk on ex – the ingredients should be exquisite and the product should be handmade as far as possible. Teremana: A tequila for body-focused people like Dwayne Johnson, who work hard and enjoy the evening instead of breaking.

The tequila is so important to Dwayne Johnson that he even advertises it when he reports on the COVID illness of him and his family in an Instagram video:


The video exemplifies Dwayne Johnson's work on his own image, which he does with the same discipline and perseverance as his muscle training: in almost every one of his numerous videos and postings on social media, he presents himself as a man who has brought it to prosperity and recognition through hard, regular work on his own body although he had no money at the beginning of his career.

His profile past as a wrestler disappears more and more, especially since Dwayne Johnson always pretends to be a family man, as a caring dad of daughters and as a husband who always comes home at the end of the day. Scandals are not known.

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Through social media, Dwayne Johnson can meet his fans on an equal footing. While Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio – two of the other last acting superstars – remain distant, Johnson addresses his fans directly and gives the feeling of knowing him – and becoming like him if they only work hard enough on themselves.

While the formula for success in terms of role selection, product design, and image maintenance can still be copied, it will be difficult at the latest with the fourth ingredient: Dwayne Johnson has the charisma of a canvas legend. He may come across differently than Steve McQueen or Sean Connery, but like his colleagues, he becomes the center of every room he enters.

Dwayne Johnson exudes the joie de vivre of a man who has overcome his broken time. Now that he's been freaking out, he knows what really matters. His broad, winning grin is zero percent cynical and one hundred percent contagious. At a time when a lot of things are ironic and meta, he gives you a direct and credible understanding that everything will be fine if you believe in yourself and make an effort.


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