The Croods: A New Age talks about learning to be tolerant and that together we are stronger - 3Movierulz

copyrightThe Croods: A New Age talks about learning to be tolerant and that together we are stronger - 3Movierulz

The most prehistoric family of all is back! The Croods: A New Age, the sequel to The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure, arrives in Indian cinemas on December 23 and Universal Pictures has already released the first trailer for DreamWorks Animation's newest.

On the occasion of the release of this advance, at we had the opportunity to talk to the director of the film Joel Crawford and his producer Mark Swift. The two have told us what this sequel is like, what changes we will see in the main family, and what their relationship will be like with a new, more evolved clan that will cross their path: the Masmejor. 

It's been a few years since The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure. When did you get involved in the sequel?

Mark Swift: Joel and I have been working on the film for over three years now. I had finished my work on Captain Underpants: His first film when the studio told me that they wanted to shoot the sequel to The Croods and that they were counting on me. And after reading the script, I immediately saw the enormous potential of the story, so we set out to do it.

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What do you attribute to the success of the first film?

Image Credit DreamWorks Animation

M.S.: I think, first and foremost, the characters. Although they live in such a crazy world, we understand them and even see ourselves partly reflected in them. Deep down it's a family's story and that's a universal thing. 

How has the Crood family evolved since then?

Joel Crawford: They've changed a lot! Greg will have to understand that his daughter Eep, sooner or later, will go her own way; but he's not ready. And on the other hand, the relationship between her daughter Eep and her boyfriend Guy is also going to be called into question.

M.S.: This film continues the action of the previous one when the Croods set out in search of a new and better home, and they find it! Then you'll have to learn to adapt to that new world.

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What happens when you meet the most evolved major family?

Image Credit DreamWorks Animation

J.C.: The Croods is very close, although they have stayed a little in the past, so when you meet the Masmejor you will see that there are more evolved ways to live. On the other hand, the Masmejor will also learn from the value of that union that the Croods have. So they are very different families and there will be a clash between them, but over time they will understand that it is better to celebrate their differences than to face them.

M.S.: Our film talks about learning to be tolerant of each other and that together we are stronger. 

Although history takes place during prehistory, the message is contemporary.

J.C.: Indeed, and it's been interesting to see that message take shape and how contemporary it was as we made the film. 

That cultural clash between the Croods and the Masme better will lead to a lot of humor, won't it?

J.C.: Of course, our intention was always to treat topics with humor, seeing how some of the situations between the characters remind us of things that happen to us every day.

How has the working relationship been between you?

Image Credit DreamWorks Animation

M.S.: It's been the best I've had to date in any film project. And we look forward to working together again when we finish this film; because, as Humphrey Bogart told Claude Rains in Casablanca: "I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

J.C.: Mark and I had never worked together, and the truth is, it was a delight because we connected immediately. And it has been a pleasure to see how in recent months the relationship between us and the rest of the team has continued the same, with the same inertia and enthusiasm, despite the times that run. And the same has happened with the actors who have put their voices to the characters, both with those who have returned to this second film and with the new performers.

And now that the trailer comes out, what can the public expect from The Croods: A New Age?

J.C.: If the first film focused on the survival of the Croods family, and especially the relationship between father and daughter, in this second film we have advanced the relationships between all of them and explored the new interactions that take place when they meet another family very different from their own. That will give rise to a lot of humor because first of all we want is for the audience to have a very entertaining time and when they finish watching the film has a big smile, which is something that today seems so important to us.

M.S.: I agree. We are experiencing difficult times, so we hope to bring our grain of hope and joy with The Croods: A New Age.


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