Tenet: This infographic will help you understand the structure of the film - 3Movierulz

copyright Tenet: This infographic will help you understand the structure of the film - 3Movierulz

Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, has tested fans of the director of 'Origin' with the concept of Investment.

Christopher Nolan's new Movie Tenet has tested the fans of the director of Origin. The filmmaker introduces in his latest film, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, the concept of Investment. What does this mean? That there are objects and people who, instead of going forward in time, do so backward as a result of modifying their entropy. At we have already explained what its end means, but if in writing you find it difficult to continue to understand it, this infographic may help you. 

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A Reddit user has shared an outline of the structure of the film in which, through drawings of the different events that occur in the film, you can understand the journey of its protagonists. With this infographic, you can see at a glance the narration of the film and also the inverted events that occur as the film goes on. From the explosion at the opera, through the airport event, and arriving at the final battle to prevent the villain Andrei Sator from fulfilling his goal: to destroy the world. Are you clearer now? 

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Tenet has raised more than $146 million worldwide. The film arrived in Spanish and other European cinemas on August 26. In the United States and China, he did so on September 4. Nolan's film is accumulating good data if we take into account the current situation because of the coronavirus crisis. 

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In addition to Pattinson and Washington, this 'thriller' about the espionage world features Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Himesh Patel, and Dimple Kapadia. On these lines, don't miss the trailer. 


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