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Prabhas's career is a stream of updates related to his films. Prabhas fans have forgotten the word update for "Bahubali" and "Saaho" movies. Similarly, "Radhe Shyam" was also done. But now Sean is not so. Prabhas's three big projects are being updated from the film unit from time to time.

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But now Prabha's huge epic film "Adipurush" will be updated, director Om Raut said. This is what the whole film world has been waiting for this morning. However, the update was revealed at exactly 7 hours 11 minutes at om Raut's time. "7000 thousand years ago, the world's most intelligent monster emerged," he tweeted.

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But it seems to be introducing the role of Ravana in the film. Buzz has been heard that a Bollywood star actor will be seen in the role of a villain in the film for the last few days. It was also heard by Saif Ali Khan. Now he is also tagged with Om Raut and has been finalized to show Saif as lakes. Om Raut will be screening this huge film in 3D with a budget of over 500 crores. And see how many records this film will turn.


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