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Sweetie Anushka and Madhavan are playing the lead roles in the new film 'Nishabdham'. Sweetie who has increased her popularity through the Bahubali series The film has played a different role. Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subba Raju, and Srinivasa Needa played important roles. The film is jointly produced by the popular production companies People Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation

Directed by Hemant Madhukar. Director Hemant Madhukar has told interesting things about the movie in a recent interview in the wake of the release of the movie on October 2.

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How did the Nishabdham begin

The current technology in the flower plane type is to make an experimental movie as the background of Thaler. This is the story of this Nishabdham. Once the story is ready, I heard the writer's tip Venkat. After he liked him, I convinced Anushka to tell the story to his acting actors through Konagari and brought the project to almost the beginning. But the experiment means that the producers may be a little reluctant to invest, so I have planned to fill the movie with some dialogues and to be silent to the main character. Dialogues prepared by Kona gari are an additional asset to my story, and Da Factory and Vishwa Prasad have come forward to produce the film. Along with them, Kona Venkat joined the film production by his banner Kona Film Corporation and our 'Nishabdham' began.

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What is the reason for the film to be screened in the American backdrop?

We thought from the front that the film should be screened in any peaceful place as the title. However, the film is designed in the American backdrop to make the audience feel a little fresh. Anushka is also going to be an American born Indian in the film. All the important roles are in the American background. Hollywood actor Michael Madison was also taken into the project with the intention of not missing the originality. In the meantime, a Hollywood actor has done a full-length role in the film.

Actors like Anushka, Madhavan, and Anjali are in this project, how did you travel with them as a director?

I am a small director compared to Anushka's fame. But she did not know this and asked her everything. She has learned the international sign language for this film. Madhavan also took a lot of preparation for his role. Anjali also took special training to look like an American cop and changed his look. But the film is a little bit less than the talents that are being made, but our shooting is good because of the professionalism of these people.

Tell us about your experience with people media factory, Kona film corporation

Vishwa Prasad, the head of people's media factory, has made sure that the story I have told is not to be deficient in the budget. Making a film in America is an asymmetrical sword. We have had difficulties in many of the things like the permeations in the shoot locations from the visas. But as a result of the support given by the production, I completed the shooting of the film in 55 days. Kona Film Corporation is our own production company. My relationship with Kona Ji has been going on for about 15 years.

The background score for Thaler movies, music is very crucial, how does the sound in Nishabdham be?

I am sure that the audience will give wonderful feedback through their experience when the film is released tomorrow rather than in my words about the sound in Nishabdham. Music directors Girash and Gopisundar's background music is competing with the magnificent visuals of cinematographer Shanil Deo. Gopi Sundar has given background music to a thriller for the first time in his career with our film.

What to say about the Nishabdham on Amazon Prime

The atmosphere of the atmosphere is closed in the background of The Attic, but Amazon Prime Video is the key to the media that gives the audience entertainment. Amazon is also very satisfied with this film. I am convinced that the theater will not be affected by the OTT. Such alternate entertainment media is also needed to be promoted.

What do you say to the audience about Nishabdham?

Amazon Prime Video will be available exclusively from October 2, 2020. I want to see the film on laptops and mobiles, headphones or earphones for a better experience. As well as the film is not forwarded and the thrill is enjoyed in the flow.


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