Fast and Furious 9: Michelle Rodriguez talks about rumors that the film will go into space - 3Movierulz

copyrightFast and Furious 9: Michelle Rodriguez talks about rumors that the film will go into space - 3Movierulz

The ninth installment in the series, starring Vin Diesel, premieres on April 2, 2021.

Fast & Furious 9, the ninth installment in the series starring Vin Diesel, was to reach theaters this year. However, the coronavirus crisis caused Universal to make the decision to delay its release by one year. The sequel to Fast & Furious 8 will land on the billboard on October 2, 2021, and one of her lead actresses recently spoke of one of the rumors about the film directed by Justin Lin: That the film will go into space. 

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Michelle Rodriguez, who brings Letty to life in the series, has participated in an interview on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show. In it, the interpreter has answered the following about the rumor: "Oh, come on. How did you find out? See what's going on? People start talking behind the camera. When a movie doesn't come out and you forget it, things come out. No one was supposed to know that... Oh. Well. No. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not lucky enough to go into space, but we had a screenwriter and she showed a lot of love, I think, in this movie. Thanks to... Justin Lin. We were able to, find a little more attention and love for the girls in the movie. And I have high hopes that this will be shown in the final product."

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It was Ludacris who indicated in July this year that the film would go into space. It was on the same show that Rodriguez made the statements you've read about these lines. The actor who brings Tej Parker to life in the franchise replied when asked about visiting space: "I'll say you're very intuitive because you've said the right thing, but I'm not going to unveil it." The performer played the despised on this subject, which began as a joke and which, now, after what Rodriguez said, seems like a reality. Series writer Chris Morgan also talked about this possibility last year: "I'll say what... what's the best way to respond to this? You'll have to wait and see. Listen to me. As long as what's at stake is raised correctly, then I'm willing to do anything."

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We'll have to wait to see how Fast & Furious 9 has carried out this idea. If, finally, what your actors are implying is true and they are not joking or playing with fan expectations. 

At Fast & Furious 9 Dominic Toretto has achieved a quiet life away from the world with his partner Letty and son Brian. But peace will be short-lasting. The protagonist's past will return to turn things upside down when his brother, Jakob, appears on stage and has to face him. The ninth installment features Jordana Brewster as Mia, John Cena as Jakob, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Charlize Theron as Cipher, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey; among others. On these lines, don't miss the trailer.

Source: The Jess Cagle Show.


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