A fan designs a pipe inspired by 'Terminator' and this is Arnold Schwarzenegger's reaction - 3Movierulz

copyrightA fan designs a pipe inspired by 'Terminator' and this is Arnold Schwarzenegger's reaction - 3Movierulz

A fan designs a pipe inspired by 'Terminator' and this is Arnold Schwarzenegger's reaction

The actor will produce and star in his first television series with Nick Santora.

Earlier in the week, we knew Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to try his luck on the small screen with a series of spies, still untitled. Now, California's actor and former governor are back on the news this time to show his immense affection for his admirers.

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Last July 30th Schwarzenegger celebrated his 73rd birthday. As a tribute, one of his fans, known on Reddit as RadonLab, decided to hand-carve a pipe with Terminator's face, arguably one of the most memorable roles of a veteran Hollywood star. This was not the first time RandonLab had pipe-shaped a movie character, it also has designs by Gandalf and Black Panther. However, it has been the first time the honoree has shown him his appreciation and how. 

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After discovering this pipe wonder, carved in great detail to recreate the unforgettable character created by James Cameron, back in 1984, Schwarzenegger contacted RandonLab to ask him to sell it to him. "Wow. This is fantastic! She's beautiful. Would you sell it to me?" Unsurprisingly, and being a big fan of the actor, RandonLab was unwilling to sell it to him, because what he wanted with all his enthusiasm was to be able to give it to his big-screen idol.

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Of course, the story doesn't end here. After receiving Terminator's wonderful pipe, Schwarzenegger wanted to show his appreciation to the Reddit user with a dedicated photo of him, in which he appears smoking in the pipe. You just have to look at the actor's happy face to realize how excited he is with his 73rd birthday present.


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