The Boys: First look at Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter in season 2 - 3Movierulz

copyrightThe Boys: First look at Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter in season 2 - 3Movierulz
The actor will play a former member of Los Siete.

Actor Shawn Ashmore leaves behind his facet as an iceman in the famous X-Men franchise to become a new, completely different superhero in the second season of The Boys. His name is Lamplighter and you can already take your first look at his appearance in the fiction of Amazon Prime Video.

Although Ashmore has been a part of the television projects The Following and The Rookie in recent years, he will always be remembered as the mutant who froze everything in his path. Now, in The Boys, it turns out that he will do something completely different: set everything in his path on fire.

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Lamplighter is a former member of The Seven but left the group under mysterious circumstances many years ago. In addition to occupying the position currently held by Starlight in the group, he was the main cause of The Boys splitting up eight years ago. When Ashmore's character returns to their lives, he will do it to change everything.

Eric Kripke, 'showrunner' of the series, has advanced in a statement that this character "brings so much depth, threat, and humanity of which the world is tired. And Shawn is a very good guy. We are grateful that he joined our bloody little family. "

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On September 4, the second season of The Boys opens on Amazon Prime Video, but in the meantime, you can re-enjoy its first installment. Check out the actor's first shot as one of the series' new superheroes below!


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