Tenet: Robert Pattinson confesses that he lied to Christopher Nolan - 3Movierulz

copyrightTenet: Robert Pattinson confesses that he lied to Christopher Nolan - 3Movierulz

Tenet: Robert Pattinson confesses that he lied to Christopher Nolan to escape the set and go to the casting of  The Batman

The British director's new film hits theaters on Wednesday 26 August, while this Friday 14 his contemporary classic 'Origin' re-highlights.

Even the big stars screw up. And that's why we just like them better. The last to confess to being caught 'with his hands in the dough' was Robert Pattinson, who in an interview in The Irish Times has told what his failed strategy was to try to be in two super productions at once: Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Matt Reeves's The Batman. 

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The British actor has explained what happened when he tried to lie to Christopher Nolan so that he could attend the casting of The Batman, a role he, as is clear, he wished with all his might. How can I get off the set of Tenet one morning to go to a casting without making the director angry? Well, with the classic liar. Here are the words of Robert Pattinson: 

It's funny because Chris is very discreet about everything to do with his movies. And I had to be very discreet about the theme of 'The Batman'. So, when I had to go do a screen test, I lied to Chris and told him I had to leave because of a family emergency. As soon as I said, "It's a family emergency," he said, "You're going to do the Batman test, aren't you?"

Despite that 'lie' caught in fragrant, Robert Pattinson got Christopher Nolan's permission to get off Tenet's set and take the Batman's camera test; a role that, as we already know, did finally get. 

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In late 2019, Robert Pattinson was on the last screen as an actor that could replace Ben Affleck in the role of the vigilante in Matt Reeves' film. The Briton competed with such powerful actors as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer, and Nicholas Hoult.

While that coincidence in the two-turn schedule might have hurt Robert Pattinson, the truth is that the regime and intense physical work he followed to play Batman was more than useful in terms of his involvement in Tenet, where he gives the replica to John David Washington, a former football player, by the way. This tells Robert Pattinson in The Irish Times on the issue:

When in the movie I'm running, it's always with John David, who's a former NFL player, so it's very unfair The ultimate exercise I do is go for a walk and John David can be running all day. So it was a positive thing that I ended up getting pretty fit. At first, there were days when I couldn't walk after [filming].

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The results of this physical effort by Robert Pattinson will soon be able to be on the big screen, because Tenet finally arrives in the Spanish halls on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. In addition, Pattinson is one of the names announced for DC FanDome, the global and virtual event dedicated to DC fans that takes place on August 22, so at the end of the month we'll be able to enjoy the double actor in his new action hero profile. 

'Tenet' advances its premiere date in Spain
Tenet is an espionage thriller that plays on the question of time-modifying, something Christopher Nolan has called "investment" and stars Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, and Clémence Poésy. 


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