Tenet: Robert Pattinson thought he would never get to work with Christopher Nolan

copyrightTenet: Robert Pattinson thought he would never get to work with Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan's new Movie Tenet opens at a record run in Spanish cinemas on Wednesday, August 26, and later, on September 3 in the US. Robert Pattinson whom we just saw as The Batman this weekend during DC FanDome, also appears in it as Neil, the name of his character. But, even if it sounds like a lie, the high life interpreter and The Lighthouse thought he would never get to work with the Briton. 

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The truth is that Robert Pattinson, who has spoken about his signing, though he would never participate in a film directed by Nolan because he is a big fan. "It came out of nowhere," he explains. "When you grow up watching someone's movies and looking forward to them, for some reason being a fan is like that person is out of your reach to work as a colleague. It's very strange. I never really thought the opportunity would present itself. But when it comes along, it's like you're in a completely different universe, which is also what this movie seemed to be doing."

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We barely have any information about who Neil is, only he seems to help The Protagonist played by John David Washington and that even some fans think it's actually a Mess of Christopher Nolan. In Pattinson's words, Neil" is strangely aware of the layers of his own character, which is quite unusual to interpret. It's fun to try to decipher a very complex and difficult character and also within a very complex and intricate world. Once I realized that you can play Neil as someone who enjoys the chaotic situation he's in, then that was revealed as the touchstone of the rest of the character." While other characters, including The Protagonist, find the situation and the journey difficult and even tortuous, Neil sees them as pleasurable. "Neil is one of those people who thinks, "Oh, I love it, I love living in a nightmare," Pattinson admits.

Tenet, for which you can now purchase your tickets, also features Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh, Clémence Poésy, Himesh Patel, Martin Donovan, Fiona Dourif, Michael Caine, and Andrew Howard.

Source: Digital Spy


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