French exhibitor smashes Mulan Movie poster in protest at Disney's decision not to release the film in theaters - 3Movierulz

copyrightFrench exhibitor smashes Mulan Movie poster in protest at Disney's decision not to release the film in theaters - 3Movierulz

Movie theater owners have criticized the 'remake' of the Mickey Mouse House classic reaching directly to the studio's streaming platform in some of the world.'s territories.

Disney's decision to not release Mulan, the real-acting remake of the studio classic, has in theaters sparked criticism from the exhibitors. Mickey Mouse House announced a few days ago that the film directed by Niki Caro will go directly to its Disney+ streaming platform in the United States, Canada, Australia, and some European countries at a purchase price of $29.99 on September 4. Cinema owners in the UK have already shown their displeasure with this decision, and now a French exhibitor's reaction to the news has gone viral. 

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The film-making Twitter account Destination Ciné has released a video in which the owner of a cinema breaks a Mulan poster with a bat. "An exhibitor's reaction to Disney's decision..." can be read in the message that accompanies the video. Deadline reports, the man in the tweet is Gerard Lemoine, owner of the independent Cinepal cinema located in Palaiseau, a suburb south of Paris. 

The above-mentioned medium has contacted Lemoine and Lemoine has stated that she decided to make the video to express its frustration about Disney's decision. Also that he has been promoting Mulan for months and that he and his colleagues expected the film to be a way to inject some life into French cinemas that have been reopening their doors from June. "It's a great effort to stay open for most of us, but we assume there will be some ambitious premieres in the coming weeks. Losing Mulan we miss the possibility of offering the audience a highly anticipated film that would have helped us after these hard weeks. It's also a bad message to the public," Lemoine explains. 

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This exhibitor, however, has thanked Warner Bros. to decide to release Tenet, the new thing from Christopher Nolan, at the end of August. "We thank Warner very much for the premiere of Tenet at the end of August. But it's not enough. studios have to understand that if they cancel these movies or put them on platforms, I'm not going to last much longer. I've dedicated my life to film-screening and I don't want to die!" he concludes. 

At the moment, it is unknown whether France will be one of the European countries chosen by Disney not to release Mulan in cinemas. Also in Spain, it is unknown whether the fans of the studio will be able to go to the rooms to enjoy the film or not.


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