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copyrightRGV Murder Movie New Song Viral In Social Media - 3Movierulz
What is the typical director Ram Gopal Varma is sensational? In the coming days, Varma is going to get more than that. It is well known that Varma is a good music lover, not just as a director. That's why he occasionally offers an unexpected kick to the audience with his voice. Once again, the song of love for the murder film is wrong and made a hot topic on social media.

Not a little bit less. 
Varma promotions, which have been dusting with OTT films since the lockdown, are not a little less. Varma has created a good buzz with the trailer of the murder film in the wake of Miryala Guda's murder and now he is increasing the promotions dose with songs. The song is recently released.

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Is it wrong to love children...? 
Is it wrong to love children...? Ram Gopal Varma released the song of 'Murder' (family story) in social media. Varma is promoting the film based on a sensational real love murder episode. In the song, Varma gave his new voice.

Unexpected ending for the song 
Reminding that he was beaten for the good of the daughter as a child Then what is the world's decision to take in life? Varma has expressed his voice. Even if the killing is wrong, The RGV has given an unexpected ending to the song in his own style.

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Shruti rhythms are not needed 
Fans who have heard the song are fiddling with Varma's talent. He is not required to be a song. However, some comments are that Varma has given an unexpected shock. Producer Natty Kranti said that the film will be released after the theaters are open.

Huge response to the trailer 
The film was directed by Anand Chandra. Srikanth Iyengar, Sahiti, and others played the lead roles. Nutty Entertainment and Chitty Entertainment are producing Nutty Karuna and Natty Kranti in Anurag kancharla submission on the banners. The first trailer of the film has already been released last Tuesday. The producer revealed that the trailer has seen about 70 lakh people and has received praise from the audience for being a family film.


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