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Lead Cast: Navdeep Pallapol, Heba Patel, Bindu Madhavi, Chandni Chowdhury, Akshara Gowda, Raja Chembolu

Author : Krish Jagarlamudi

As part of the Lock Review series, the Telugu TV platform has been selected for the web series masti's released in Aha. Let's see how this series is in review...

What is the storyline?

Wife husbands Pranav (Navdeep) Gowri (Bindu Madhavi) runs a posh restaurant called Mastis. The restaurant manager (Raja Chembolu) falls in love with the letter (Chandni Chowdhury), who works as a waitress in the same hotel. On the other hand, Tanya (Heba Patel), a music band, is trying to grow in a career. Her music band is also a member of her lover. Their ambitions, decisions, and relationships between these three couples can lead to some consequences. What are the consequences? Mastis story is how the three couples who live around the restaurant ended.

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What's good?

The series written by star director Krrish has a good foundation and story strength. The director has done well with an impressive narrative, giving equal importance to all the main characters in the story. The idea of human nature, relationships, and careers in modern society today is well mentioned in this series.

Hero Navdeep is in the role of good and bad angle. Heroine Bindu Madhavi, who has scope for acting, is impressed. Raja Chembolu of Fida's fame was impressed by the emotional lover. Heroine Chandni Chowdhury Love, a girl who has a confusing career, has done justice to the role. Hebba Patel's role as a singer is also an attraction for the series. Akshara Gowda, who finally made a negative role as a model, was impressed.

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The series setup and costumes are all very rich with high production values. Relationships and emotions are well-established between the three main couples. The end of the couple's lives is also enjoyable.

Very bad?

Many Hindi and English web series has already come up in this background. This makes the series feel very much influenced. The web content is a little more than the dose of the booths. The content of this series may not be liked by traditional audiences.

As the last word

Mastis is also interesting with fine emotions, impressive narrative, and high production values. In today's cities, the relationships between young and young people, ambitions, career, etc. are well-mentioned. The Hindi web series smells but it is said to be a whole lot. This series is a good choice during the lockdown.

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