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copyrightCompletely changed Super Star Mahesh Babu - 3Movierulz
This year, superstar Mahesh Babu had great success with the movie 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' directed by Anil Ravipudi. After the success of the movie, Mahesh Babu announced the movie 'Sarkar Vaari Paata' directed by Parashuram on the occasion of his father Krishna's birthday. Moreover, the pre-look poster released on this occasion went viral on social media. Director Parashuram Pan is planning to make this film on the Pan India level. 

However, Mahesh Babu has a lot of sentiments about his films. Mahesh Babu will not be seen for his movie opening. Previously attended movies flop and have not been able to attend a movie shot since then. He sees to it that they attend his house on his behalf. Mostly Mahesh Babu is humble and the children are involved in the muhurta scene.

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Not to mention that Mahesh Babu has never tried a new look. Mahesh Babu made a new appearance in the movies 'Pokiri' and 'Atithi'. Recently, Mahesh Babu changed his social media account, Twitter Deep. Fans are wondering if there is any reason behind this. Whatever Mahesh Babu does .. there must be some sentiment behind it. 

Now it remains to be seen whether Mahesh Babu will follow the same sentiment in the case of DP. And those who are active on social media often change their DP. But Mahesh Babu has been continuing the same DP for the last few days. Now Mahesh Babu has changed the profile pic along with the display pic. Fans are happy to see Mahesh Babu changing his DP for such a long time.

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Currently, Mahesh Babu is making the movie 'Sarkari Vari Paata' under the direction of Parashuram. The film stars Kirti Suresh and Niveda Thomas opposite Mahesh Babu. On the other hand, the names of Sudeep, Upendra, and Arvind Swamy are being considered for the role of the villain who hits Mahesh Babu in the film. 

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The talk on Tollywood is that the government is going to address a social issue, especially corruption, in their song. It seems that the story of this film will revolve around the huge scandals that have shaken the Indian banking system. Mahesh is reportedly playing the role of the son of a bank manager in the film. How did the hero Mahesh get back the money from a businessman who evaded billions in the film? The film tells the story of how he tried to do that.


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