The director of Godzilla vs. Kong says levels of destruction and violence will be colossal

copyrightThe director of Godzilla vs. Kong says levels of destruction and violence will be colossal

The future Godzilla vs. Kong has been rated for ages 13 and up, and the alleged reasons for this are the presence of intense sequences of creature violence and destruction, as well as some offensive language.

All that the director, Adan Wingard, has to say about the above is "They have fallen short", which implies that he has prepared a whole festival of violence destruction in which the two titans of the title will face each other to other fantasy creatures like Mothra, King Ghidorah, and others.

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It's been almost five years since Godzilla vs. Kong was announced with an estimated release date of 2020 and we are getting a little closer to its arrival in theaters, currently dated to November 20 of this year if the wave of delays suffered by the Warner Bros billboard .does not end it.

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Recently, rumors arose that spoke of a delay of this film in favor of Matrix 4, but at the moment there is nothing official on the part of the distributor, so it will still have to wait to know exactly when we are going to be able to go see this combat legendary on the big screen.


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