HBO Max President Does Not Believe They Are Going To Publish The Suicide Squad Yesterday Cut

copyrightHBO Max President Does Not Believe They Are Going To Publish The Suicide Squad Yesterday Cut

After announcing that the highly anticipated Zack Snyder montage for Justice League will premiere in 2021 following a major investment and extensive renovation work on special effects, movements have emerged such as the one calling for the montage David Ayer intended for Suicide Squad, apparently very different from the one we saw in theaters.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the Snyder thing is going to be a necessary precedent for projects like the Ayer Cut to go ahead, at least if we listen to the words of Tony Goncalves, the head of HBO Max who addressed in an interview with The Verge this affair.

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The director declared a few weeks ago that his assembly would be easy to complete, but the manager in question now declares that it is not as simple as believing that these types of projects can be carried out as if nothing had happened.

"Look, the Snyder montage is not a precedent. There are different types of communities. There is the type of community you have described and then there are others."

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"My reference to the fandoms is that we are in a space where consumers make a lot of noise. Consumers guide us and of course, we have to listen to them as an industry. I had a boss who once told me 'Industry and consumers are not always in tune, but consumers tend to win. 'It's a fine balance. "

"I think when it comes to video, entertainment when it comes to content, consumers have never had so many options and never had so much power. But it doesn't mean that we are going to invest all our money in every fandom that exists."

From these statements, we can extract that David Ayer will not be working on the editing, however much his followers and the followers of the DCEU are asking for it.


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