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copyrightRana Daggubati And Miheeka Bajaj These Things Keep In Mind Updating The Relationship Status - 3Movierulz

Some such Rana Daggubati had an official relationship with Sonam Kapoor's best friend, you should also know these things

Actor Rana Daggubati is making a lot of headlines these days with his relationship with his lady love ie miheeka bajaj. Yes, Bhallaldev of 'Bahubali' i.e. Rana Daggubati has openly expressed his love on social media, seeing that the exacerbation increased to know his relationship status among his fans. But do you know that sometimes we fall in love and make such a mistake of updating the relationship, which we have to suffer later?

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You are not making such a mistake

Yes, in this age of technology, two people who fall in love often make their Mehboob and Mehbooba happy with photos and sometimes by officially updating their relationship status, but sometimes different social media platforms But updating their relationship status puts them in trouble. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about making your relationship official then definitely know these things….

Mutual consent

Two people who fall in love should understand that it is not a decision of one, but two people have the right to equalize it. Yes, we are saying this because whenever you are making up your mind to make your relationship public, then try to include your partner's consent. Lest one of your decisions puts them in trouble. To avoid such a situation, first of all, both people should talk to each other and then go to some conclusion.

Is the relationship temporary

It may be that you have eaten all the vows of living and dying with those you are madly in love with, but it is not that this happy-looking relationship is only a moment. Yes, until you are completely secure about your relationship with someone, you do not think about making your relationship public. In the excitement, young couples often take wrong decisions, which they later suffer.

Avoid decision making under pressure

It is usually seen that many times partners update their relationship status even under pressure, as a result, they are burdened with this burden in their mind. If your partner feels insecure about you and is only pressuring you about making your relationship public, then, first of all, you need to talk to each other. You make them believe that how special they are for you, then think about going somewhere official.

Is there any secret of the housemates

Before making your relationship official, tie the knot on whether your relatives are on social media or not. We are saying this because such people will leave no stone unturned to spoil your image. In such a situation, check that the social media on which you are thinking about making your relationship official, what percentage of your family's presence is there.

Be sure to update status

We all know this very well that it does not take much time for anything to go viral on social media and in such a situation it is a huge task to make your relationship official. So before doing this, you should make sure that you are thinking whether you are thinking about making your relationship official or not.

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