Godzilla Vs. Kong: This is what the old, bearded King Kong looks like

copyrightGodzilla Vs. Kong: This is what the old, bearded King Kong looks like

King Kong presents himself in his fight against Godzilla in "Godzilla Vs. Kong “apparently in a new look: Not only will the giant monkey grow properly again, but it will also have an imposing monkey beard, as new pictures show ...

It's getting a little suspicious: "Godzilla Vs. Kong ”is due to be released in cinemas on November 19 (in Germany) and November 20, 2020 (in the USA), but half a year before the release, there is still no trailer and no official images for the film - for a blockbuster of them Order of magnitude very exceptional.

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So it is quite possible that “Godzilla Vs. Kong ”is postponed to the year 2021 (there are already rumors in this direction), although thanks to Wondercon @ Home 2020 (the fair took place online due to the corona pandemic) there are at least some pictures of the adult King Kong:

The images come from a panel called "Legendary Comics: Monsterverse Publishing", so they do not show concept drawings, but apparently images from an accompanying comic to the so-called MonsterVerse about Godzilla, Kong, and the other titans.

Nevertheless, the pictures of Kong should at least show the approximate look of Kong, as he then also in "Godzilla Vs. Kong ”can be seen. The fact that the giant monkey was not fully grown when it first appeared in "Kong: Skull Island" and will continue to grow properly before struggling with Godzilla has already been officially confirmed.

With a beard (and, of course, a few meters of additional body size), King Kong's aging could be pretty well illustrated and the fight between the giant monkey and the giant lizard should be much more balanced.

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In addition, since the Wondercon, pictures of a new titan have also been circulating, which was also revealed on the panel. Camazotz is said to be an "embodiment of nightmares" and "darkness" and is reminiscent of a huge horned bat with spiky wings:

The Camazotz in “Godzilla Vs. Kong ”occurs, of course, is by no means guaranteed, but it would not surprise us if it should. After all, Studio Legendary may not have introduced the Bat Titan in this way for no reason.


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