A fan has sorted all MCU scenes in chronological order

copyrightA fan has sorted all MCU scenes in chronological order

Since the MCU is made up of 23 films including prequels, time travel, memories of all kinds, and various narrative tricks, ordering each and every scene in chronological order is crazy work.

Luckily one of the things that this Marvel universe does not lack is a whole legion of really creative and committed followers of his works. This is the case of the Twitter user @tonygoldmark, who has ordered each scene of the MCU in chronological order.

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All the scenes have been put in place without taking into account deleted scenes, Netflix series, or anything other than the 23 movies that make up what we carry from MCU until Spider-Man: Far from home closed the so-called phase 3.

Obviously, a work of this magnitude, done by a single person, has some errors. One of them seems to be in the position they have in time The incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2.

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It is now evident that the next step for the community will be to curl the curl and assemble all these scenes in crazy footage where they are all correctly placed chronologically to form a definitive tribute to so many years of stories. It may never happen, but we see the followers of these characters more than capable of it.


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