Cinema owners and exhibitors angry at Amitabh-Ayushman's release of 'Gulabo Sitabo' on Amazon instead of theater

copyrightCinema owners and exhibitors angry at Amitabh-Ayushman's release of 'Gulabo Sitabo' on Amazon instead of theater

There is a lot of resentment among cinema owners and film exhibitors about Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana starrer 'Gulabo Sitabao' being released directly on Amazon Prime instead of in theaters due to the lockdown.

There is a lot of resentment among cinema owners and film exhibitors for Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana starrer and Shoojit Sarkar-directed film 'Gulabo Sitabo' being released directly on Amazon Prime rather than in theaters. Amidst the current round of lockdowns and uncertainty about theaters in the future, as soon as the official announcement of the release of 'Gulabo Sitabo' on Amazon, the theater owners and exhibitors became vocal and started raising their voices against this new trend...

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ABP News talked to some theater owners and exhibitors and tried to get their opinion. But first let us tell you how INOX, one of the largest multiples chains in the country, has expressed its anger by issuing an official statement. Inox said in its response, "We are extremely frustrated and disappointed at the announcement by a production house to release a film directly on the OTT platform without releasing it in theaters. Production aside from the rules around content worldwide This decision is taken is very worrying and disturbing. "

Not only this, but this multiplex chain has also asked to consider all its options for taking appropriate action against the producer without naming the film and the producer. Inox continues, "Theaters and content creators have always been in a mutually beneficial partnership, where one works well for the other as revenue ... Inox requests all content creators That they first decide not to release films in theaters, they all follow a long-established tradition of screening films. "

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Talking to ABP News on this issue, Chairman of Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, Nitin Datar said in a clear word, "We do not want films to be released directly on the OTT platform. All the producers have to be patient for some time." The way filmmakers are investing in films, exhibitors have also invested heavily in theaters. Despite this, he has to contend with all expenses from paying the salary of the people working in the theater. "

Nitin Datar also informed that the association will soon write a letter to all the organizations of the producers and appeal to them not to release the films on the digital platform first, then we will decide that our next step What should be. We had earlier appealed to the producers not to lay the foundation of such a tradition, but our appeal was not taken care of at all ... If this is the case then many cinemas will be closed in the coming time. "

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ABP News also spoke to Nagpur-based renowned exhibitor Akshay Rathi about this. He expressed his unhappiness over the release of 'Gulabo Sitabo' in this way, saying, "Such decisions of the manufacturers will have an adverse effect on the entire value chain (exhibition sector). It would have been nice if taking such a decision Before the producers discussed this with all the exhibitors. "

He says, "If the filmmakers are having financial problems, then the exhibitors are also struggling. The PVR multiplex chain alone has a debt of Rs 1200 crore at the moment. Cinemas with no earnings/property tax -Also nearly two lakh people working in this sector have to pay their salaries. Being connected to the same industry, we have to pay a little in this difficult time. Ray should support, not the way it should harm any party. "

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Vishal Chauhan, who runs Roopbani and other theaters in Purnia district of Bihar, says, "Given the current situation and uncertainty of the future, the producer of 'Gulabo Sitabo' has every right to release his film directly on the digital platform. But we One thing should be kept in mind that no OTT platform that has existed for years has ever made a big star. Unless movies are in theaters Until then, you cannot create stars like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, or Rajinikanth. People line up in theaters to watch movies of Bollywood's big stars. This magic of stars and flashes on TV or It is not possible to be born through any OTT platform. "

Vishak further adds, "If you want to make the film business bigger, you will not be able to do it without the cinematography. To release 'Gulabo Sitabo' in this way is also an injustice to a star like Ayushmann Khurrana. Right now, they are running in the best form. In such a situation, their career will also be affected. It is also a matter of thinking that if any star's film is shown on other platforms on the digital platform What will be the scale of the success of a film if it is put in front of J? Views ?? So views nowadays get any song/show… If you are taking every film directly to the homes of people Yes, you are trying to kill the passion of people by going to theaters and watching movies. It is another thing that the magic of theater will never diminish. "

Being a filmmaker who made a grand film like 'Khuda Witness' and G7 Multiplex owner in Mumbai, Manoj Desai told ABP News, "As a producer, I want to release the film directly on the OTT platform. I understand the compulsions well. All theaters are closed at the moment, but all our expenses related to the theater are going on. When will the theaters open and with which conditions? It will not even be revealed. But a big curtain is a big curtain, it cannot be compared to anyone ... Every exhibitor wants that the filmmakers should wait for a little at this time. "

He finally said, "Now it will be interesting to see how much of the film plays on the digital platform. If one or two films do not play, then all the producers themselves will sit silent and shy away from releasing films on digital."


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