Sonic the film will have a sequel soon according to analysts

copyrightSonic the film will have a sequel soon according to analysts

The premiere of Sonic: The film has been one of the most powerful of those remembered when it comes to adapting video games to the big screen. For this reason, a sequel is beyond doubt, but it appears that the announcement will come as soon as the film industry gets back on track after the pandemic.

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Jeff Bock, a box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations, said there is no reason to doubt a follow-up to the hit CGI movie that he has reportedly brought to Paramount with such good numbers, with more than $ 300 million raised.

"There is no doubt that Sonic has just started. A sequel is imminent for Paramount Studios, who desperately need new franchises. I look forward to an announcement as soon as the world begins to turn in the direction we all recognize. Video game adaptations are now very attractive. in Hollywood thanks to Sonic and his box office. "

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Not long ago, director Jeff Fowler talked about his intention to have more well-known characters if they manage to pull off a sequel: "It was planned from the beginning that we really wanted to allude to and showcase some of these other characters that fans love, just to say: "Hey guys, we love these characters and we know you love them. If we get the chance, we are going to tell more stories. We have a place in the world of cinema for some of these characters that fans know and love."

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Sonic has been one of the most recognized characters in popular culture inside and outside the video game for decades and there are enough characters to create an extensive saga of adaptations that can please the public.


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