Netflix Extraction How that 12-minute action scene was made

copyrightNetflix Extraction How that 12-minute action scene was made

Chris Hemsworth stars in the first Sam Hargrave film as a director. Now available on the streaming platform!

Extraction, one of the latest Netflix releases, features incredible action scenes. Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Endgame) stars in this film that marks the directorial debut of action dole Sam Hargrave (Atomic). But if it is necessary to highlight a moment of the film as one of the most commented by those who have seen the tape, that is the 12-minute sequence shot in which there are explosions, fights, chases, and more shocking images. Hargrave recently spoke to IndieWire about how that scene moved from paper to the big screen.

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“It took us, from its conception to its execution, probably four or five months. I had to write the scene to make it flow the right way and let people know it was a continuous shot, ”he begins. “It couldn't be an action scene just for the sake of putting in action. He had to show the key points of the story and reveal things about the characters and show the development of the relationship between Tyler and Ovi. There are so many things there that you have to tell ... ", he adds.

Despite the impressiveness of this moment in the film, Hargrave did not shoot the scene with a single shot. Something that already taught us, for example, 1917 by Sam Mendes (Specter). In Extraction, this consists of a series of sequences that were later edited to give the feeling of a continuous shot. “We recorded the sequence before we shot it. We took a camera and a team of stunt doubles and we went to record it and divide it to be sure that those moments of mixing worked. Logistically, we couldn't do the 12 minutes at a time, because one location was on one side of the city and the other on the other side, "he explains.

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Another curiosity about this sequence is that, due to the repetitions of each scene, the actors ended up completely exhausted, which facilitates the impression that this moment was shot continuously. "That aspect of tiredness and deep breaths, that is real, it is difficult to interpret that," he concludes.

Extraction follows a man who is tasked with a mission that could end his life: to save the son of a mafia boss who has been kidnapped and held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition to Hemsworth, the film features Golshifteh Farahani (Paterson), David Harbor (Black Widow), Chris Jai Alex (Teen Wolf), Randeep Hooda (The Monsoon Wedding) and Marc Donato (Haunted School); among others. Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Avengers: Endgame, produce the film and Joe Russo writes the script. On these lines, do not miss the trailer.


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