Massive Announcements By Vijay Deverakonda In Corona Crisis

copyrightMassive Announcements By Vijay Deverakonda In Corona Crisis

The Corona Crisis Charity (CCC) was set up under the megastar Chiranjeevi to help cine workers. Many actors and producers donated to it. Also, many stars from Tollywood donated to the aid fund for the Chief Ministers of Telugu states. However, Vijay Deverakonda has not donated to any charity. Some people have raised questions about this through social media. However, Vijay Deverakonda recently spoke about the reasons for this and his plans to help. He has revealed that the foundation will cost Rs 30 lakh crore.

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The cause of the situation does not need to be named. Hearing this made me annoyed. But, this is what struck us all. Me too. I am not mentally and financially ready. Suddenly there is no money in the account. In addition to looking after my family, I have a responsibility to pay the 35 employees who work for me. Lack of money is not a new.. habit. Fell down. But, like 35 people I find jobs and salaries for them are new to me. My personal staff and employees have grown because of the establishment of the King of the Hill telecommunications company and the launch of a social service organization. It is my responsibility to pay them salaries in difficult circumstances. Vijay Deverakonda said that the last month is the only time I can make money.

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However, Vijay said that he was well at home... But when he went out, he saw a lot of trouble. Thinking about them is not asleep. That is why he has come up with this video to make two huge announcements today and explained the good things he is going to do.

Employment to Youth from Deverakonda Foundation
When this lockdown is completed, the employment problem is starting for every common man. The question before us is how to deal with it. My team and I have worked out some strategies for employment since last year. My goal is to provide employment to one million people. First of all, we invited 50 students to Hyderabad and trained them in the fields of interest. Not all of these lockdowns were employed. Two students got an offer in a good company. The rest of the job is going to find employment. Vijay revealed that "The Devarakonda Foundation is spending millions of rupees on behalf of the Youth Employment Program."

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Middle-Class Fund...
Telangana government is very supportive of the poor in these situations. KCR's people's vigilante actions are noteworthy. But, middle-class people are also having a lot of trouble. We have a middle-class fund for them starting at Rs 25 lakh. We are going to spend this money so that the common middle class can help them. If anyone needs emergency help, you can get help from our middle-class fund index on Vijay Deverakonda said that those who do not benefit from the government and those who do not have a ration card can take this help. More details can be found in the following video.


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