Extraction: Chris Hemsworth reveals what the ending means

copyrightExtraction: Chris Hemsworth reveals what the ending means

Both he - who works as a producer - and Sam Hargrave, the director, discussed at length about the outcome.

Extraction is the new Chris Hemsworth movie. It has just arrived on Netflix and has already become one of the most viewed on the platform in recent days. Seeing the God of Thunder in action is something that never fails, especially if the film includes such insane scenes like the 12-minute one that everyone talks about.

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If you have already seen it, it is possible that the end has left you thinking and that was exactly the intention of the filmmaker. In an interview with Cinemablend, Hemsworth - who acts here as a producer as well as a protagonist - has revealed that he had many conversations with Sam Hargrave, the director, about the outcome.

The idea of ​​keeping it ambiguous was based on responses from different audiences to the test screening, about what they believed had happened or wanted it to happen. We filmed several versions of the ending to have a backup. I'm thankful for that, Sam insisted on doing it to cover all the options

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At the end of the film, there is a time jump where we see Ovi showing his courage by jumping into a pool, remembering the scene of Tyler with which the tape begins. As he comes to the surface, he sees that someone is watching him. We do not know if it is Tyler himself who has managed to survive and is now in charge of protecting Ovi or if it is just something metaphorical, but the script does not explain anything. Instead, let the viewer's mind imagine what it wants.

Hargrave explains that this was his intention and that he wanted to make the audience happy no matter what he thought about the story. "There was a divided reaction among the audience, we tried to satisfy both sides. Hopefully, if you liked the character as part of the audience and want to see more, you will see a result in the end. You will see Tyler. If you felt that the story was complete with the sacrifice, maybe you will see a different one there. "

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Fortunately, [the ending] was satisfying even if people had questions, but maybe they ended up saying to their friends, 'Hey, watch this movie because I want us to talk about the ending.' I was purposefully ambiguous

It is possible that this ambiguous ending will lead to a new installment. In that case, it would stop being so open, but surely the fans are happy to meet again with Ryke. Extraction is available on Netflix.


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