Extraction: Chris Hemsworth prepared himself for this scene from the film more than in his entire career

copyrightExtraction: Chris Hemsworth prepared himself for this scene from the film more than in his entire career

The actor plays a mercenary who must travel to Bangladesh to rescue the son of a drug lord.

Chris Hemsworth is a man of action and, although Thor is in his lowest hours in Avengers: Endgame, the actor again demonstrates what he is capable of in Extraction. Sam Hargrave's film takes us to Bangladesh, where Hemsworth will be subjected to a limited situation and the adrenaline rush will hook the viewer.

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In the film, the performer plays Extraction, a mercenary who travels to Dhaka, the Bengali capital, to rescue Ovi, the son of a leading drug lord. Hemsworth is the God of Thunder himself and there are few action scenes to resist him, but this new project has been challenging for him.

Towards the second part of the tape, there is a 12-minute scene in which Rake must protect the young Ovi at the same time as he gets rid of a handful of assailants. Curiously, this has been the most difficult sequence for him to prepare for all his action filmography.

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Definitely, it has been the most preparation and amount of work I have done for a single action scene in my life… It required many sequence shots where we could not hide behind camera angles or edit. It meant that we had to make every move perfect. If we got to go 95% of the way and stumbled on the last step, we had to start over

After all, Hargrave, the director, has been the coordinator of specialists in films such as Avengers: Infinity War, Suicide Squad or The Hunger Games: On Fire, so we can already intuit that his are not the slow scenes and calm down In fact, tiredness has been the general tone of the shoot.

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Hemsworth admits that they had to take a lot of shots of the sequences, something that exhausted them but helped them get into their role: "We did 20 or 25 takes on occasions. Sam wouldn't let us rest on purpose and for good reason. That tiredness it was there on the screen and no interpretation required. "

Extraction premieres this Friday, April 24 on Netflix.


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