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copyrightPalasa 1978 Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release Date: March 06, 2020 Rating: 3/5

Cast: Rakshit, Nakshatra, Raghu Kunche, Thiruvir, Janardhan, Laxman, Shruti, Jagdish, etc.

Directed by: Karuna Kumar

Producers: Dhyan Atluri

Music: Raghu Kunche

Cinematographer: Arul Vincent

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Rakshit, starring Karunakumar in the movie 'Palasa 1978'. The film was produced by Suresh Productions and produced by Dhyan Atluri in Tammareddy Bharadwaja submission. Let's review the movie and see what it is!

The story:
The story takes place in the wake of the Palasa Palace of Srikakulam district in 1978. Then the lower castes are discriminated against by the lower castes in the Palasa region. Born in such a low tribe, Mohanrao (Rakshit) and his older brother Rangarao (Thiruvir) face the injustice.

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However, the eldest of them are Shahukarks, Gurumoorthy (Raghu Kuncha) and his elder brother Shahvakar. To that end, Mohanrao and Rangarao start a rebellion against the big Shahvakar. The younger Shahruka Gurumoorthy joins them, and then two brothers Mohan Ranga come to mind. Rangarao leaves his younger brother and goes to the big Shahrukar... The story takes many turns. What are the attempts to kill them? Are you all over again? Did they win their fight or lose their lives? How did the story end? If you want to know such things on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:
The main plus points for the film are… the backdrop of the story, the elastic characters, the feeling of going to a place called Palasa for a long time while watching the film, as well as the exquisite emotions that the director wrote. In the meantime, most directors' dialogs do not depend on yours except for communicating Just Scene. But, many films in the past have proven that dialogues can make a movie stand out. Now with the film, it is proving yet another time. Dialogues have taken the film to another level.

Aside from the background of the film, the characters, and their conflicts. Dialogs are good in most of the scenes, but the scenes are very good. In particular, the dialogues told by the big audience, the hero of the climax, Ekalavya Dialogues are highlighted throughout the film.

As the emotion and travel between the characters change and the conflict between the characters continues to change. In addition to the naturalness of the film... The gestures of the actors, their accent is very well connected to the emotion of the film. The actors also got into their roles. Rakshit has done very well in the movie with four variants. Her performance is good, especially in the 60-year-old get-up. The effect of Rakshit's care on four different types of Getups is evident on the screen as the weight gains in the role. As an actor, such an opportunity rarely comes. Rakshit took full advantage of it. The character will remain a good character throughout his career.

Starring opposite Rakshit, Nakshatra tries to impress her with her screen presence and her glamor. She performed well, especially in the emotional scenes and love scenes. The scenes between the heroines and the chemistry between them is well entertained. Also, the actress who played the role of a hero .. Thiruvir, who plays the older brother is also very good. Raghu Kunche, Janardhan, Lakshman, Jagadish and other actors who have appeared in other key roles have performed well.

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Minus Points:
The director's screenplay was simple enough to create an interest in suspense and what's next in the film. Vasu killed a man with a point of view of the movie. Even though the character of the hero can go to the pain that he was killed... He was so nervous, so frustrated As to the reasons for the pre-visual show is still going strong .. the director attempted to make them, and if the canalside elevates the feel, the original hero, who is still in the audience on why the angle of the valve Truthfulness.

And if the role of the hero in the first scene had not been revealed .. the original hero's character is alive and dead. But, Clarity gives the Audience that the hero is alive ... and expresses the silly doute whether he is alive or dead. The opening scenes in the first half and the second half are just the same as the scenes in the second half.

However, the film bor changes the character between the characters. The music is not down to the level of cinema anymore. Emotions are all that is needed in such a natural backdrop.

Technical Section:
Director Karuna Kumar wrote the story very naturally when it comes to the technical department. Some scenes are very emotional. But if his story had not been written well, the film would have been quite impressive. But the storyline he took on the caste system, the message given is very good. As a result of this caste's weakness, the director is very strong about the people who have lost their lives and torn lives.

The background score by Raghu Kunju and his songs are just the same. The cinematography is good but the camera work is still effective in the sorting scenes. But most of the scenes in the film were shot by cameraman Arul Vincent. Kotagiri editing is good. The producer produced the film rather than compromise somewhere. But if the architectural values ​​are still good, the visual foot-out is even better.

After many days of torn audiences in a series of regular movies, this film is sure to be full of meaningful content, valuable messages, natural characters, strong character conflicts, and delicate emotions. However, the slowing down of certain scenes, feeling that the motion scenes are still going to be strong, and the fact that all the new actors (in market terms) are screening the film, are minus points. However, the film is making a special mark in Uttar Pradesh. For audiences who want better films, there is no doubt that this film is a good choice.


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