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copyrightWatch Raahu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Release Date: February 28, 2020 Rating: 2.5 / 5

Actors: Kriti Garg, Abhiram Verma, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Chalaki Chandi, Giridhar, Satyam Rajesh, Dreams, etc.

Directed by: Subbu Vedula

Producers: AVR Swamy, Sri Shakti Babji, Raja Devarakonda, Subbu Vedula

Music: Praveen Lakkaraju

Cinematographer: Ishwar Yallu Mahanthi, Suresh Ragutu

Editor: Amar Reddy

Kruthi Garg, Abhiram Verma, and Kalakeya Prabhakar are the main characters in the film directed by Subbu Vedula. Suresh Productions is releasing the film as Grandma. The film is technically a thriller movie in high standards and has been released today. And let's see in the review what this movie is like…

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Conversion disorder also comes as a result of the loss of a mother at the age of six to Banu (Kriti Garg). That means she can't see the blood. Her father, however, tries to instill courage in the police commissioner.

To this end, the Commissioner arrests the criminal Nagaraju (Kalakeya Prabhakar). Nagaraja vows to kill Bhanu anyway. After ten years, Bhanu grows up and falls in love with Sesh (Abhiram Verma). Though Bhanu's father admits of their love, there is a problem with their marriage.

Also, trying to kidnap and kill Bhanu? How did Nagasu (Kalakeya Prabhakar) help Bhanu in that order? What is the problem with the actual parting marriage? Who wants to kill Bhani? How did Bhanu face injustice? How did he finally defend himself? If you want to know the film on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:
Kriti Garg, who played the lead role in the film, is just as talented as Career Beginning. She played the role of Bhanu very well. Reduced to his role… Kriti acting as a highlight in the film with his acting and in the emotional scenes in the second half. Abhiram Verma, who plays the role of a police officer named Sesh, is very impressed with the characterization of his role in the film, along with the seriousness of the character's ness in the film and the intensity of the play.

Also, Kalekeya Prabhakar and Satyam Rajesh played the key roles. The rest of the cast also performed well in their respective roles. The director is excited to finish the film with thrilling elements at the end of the film.

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Minus Points:
Director Subbu Vedula has worked in many scenes as a Detailed. But, even if the script itself worked as well as the film, the movie Out Foot would have been different. But after watching the film, director Subbu Vedula looks like a Passionate filmmaker in some scenes .. And the subject of his writing is well presented on the screen, except for a few scenes ... How many people will connect this subject? Which category of viewers are interested in the film? The director failed to make such basic questions as it did not analyze the film. What separates filmmaking with good content, is the content of the film, and adrenaline. The film does not detract in terms of content, but it does not impress the treatment audiences that elevate it.

I think the director didn't care much for the rest of his point of view in the script. Otherwise the First Half would not have been so poor. Also, the storylines are too serious... Some scenes are a bit confusing, and some scenes are boring. Some scenes in the film are dramatic and the naturalness of the scenes is lacking.

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Technical Section:
From a technical standpoint, the technical work in the cinema is good. Music, in particular, is a plus. Side Sreeram's Main As Ao Song Song Likewise, the song is also good for the imagination. Similarly, the cinematography is the highlight of the film.

The cameraman's performance in some crime scenes is very good. Editorial work is down to the cinema. The production values ​​adopted by the producers of the film are not.
Director Subbu Vedula has taken a good storyline but has never written a thrilling story. Some scenes are boring.

'Raahu' is an innovative concept film with some thrilling elements and fu emotional scenes as well as key moments in the second half... It remains to be seen how much the Telugu audience will enjoy the film.


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