Watch Hit Movie Full Review: Hit - crime thriller with no twists and turns

copyrightWatch Hit Movie Full Review: Hit - crime thriller with no twists and turns

Release Date: February 28, 2020 Rating: 3/5

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Murali Sharma, Brahmaji, etc…

Directed by: Dr. Sailesh Kolanu

Producers: Prasanthi. T

Music: Vivek Sagar

Cinematographer: S Mani Kandan

Editor: Gary B.H.

Director Sailesh Kolanu, the hero of Vishwak Sen, hit the crime thriller. The film is set to be produced by Nani. Let’s take a look at the review of the hit movie released today...

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The story:
Cincinnati and Intelligent Police Vikram (Vishwak) becomes an Investigative Officer in Missing Case of Preity, a girl linked to her Lover Neha (Rouhani Sharma) Missing Case. In this Missing Case, Vikram, who has begun Deep Investigation, will find some shocking facts. What was the original Preethi, Neha? Who kidnapped them? Did Vikram hold the accused behind this crime? Is to be seen on the screen.

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Plus Points:
Vishwak Sen, who is known as a good actor, impressed as a Serious Police Officer. His dialogue delivery as an aggressive policeman seems to be very natural. His performance in the emotional and serious scenes is excellent.

Though the story is not as big as the heroine of Ruhani Sharma, Vishwak's love and romantic scenes are impressive.
Actor Rohit Roll's assistant in Heroic Investigation, Murali Sharma, who plays Chaitanya and Constable, as well as Brahmaji.

Film production values ​​and BGM are very good. Every frame in the film feels rich.

Investigative scenes share some nice thrill. Nor did the climax twist come to the imagination.

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Minus Points:
The length of the film is minus the film. Crime thrillers grip the audience while the gripping screenplay is short. From the beginning to the end of the film, the eerie investigation scenes can be a bit jarring without knowing the actual facts.

The hero takes the case of a girl named Preeti to break her Lover case. So the audience could not feel that the hero was tempting his lover. The original past behind the hero suffering from a psychological problem is obscured.

In the climax, the sentimental angle was brought to the film without a villain. Until then, the climax twist could not give the thrill of the audience expecting the villain to be who they are.

Technical Section:
The songs provided by Vivek Sagar are not good. The camera performance is impressive. A little more attention to editing. Investigation scenes seemed to be very repeatable. The film's production values ​​are very good.

Director Sailesh Kolanu has taken on the theme of kidnapping and murder of most crime thrillers. But he has to have a strong screenplay. So the climax twist seemed to be a little bit better.

The crime thriller hit movie Vishwak Sen as the hero is very impressive... Vishwak Sen's acting and Rough Attitude dialogue delivery are impressive. Some Investigation Scenes, Vishwak Punch Dialogues So while the twists and turns in the story are tight screenplay, the climax twist is a little more well written and the film is on another level. The film is a tribute to crime thrillers hardcore fans and multiflex audiences.


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