Sonic the Hedgehog Jim Carrey says he has caught the point Robotnik

copyrightSonic the Hedgehog Jim Carrey says he has caught the point Robotnik

The actor has stated that he has enjoyed making the film and joining several generations.

It has an intelligence quotient of 300, it needs a power that only Sonic has and is interpreted by the mythical Jim Carrey. This is Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the villain of Sonic the Hedgehog we will meet this Friday, February 14. After a long process of designs and redesigns, the new adventures of the famous blue hedgehog arrive on the big screen. The famous SEGA character is accompanied by Tom Wachowski, the human who gives life to James Marsden who will help him avoid falling into the grip of Robotnik.

In the report you can find on these lines, Carrey says he has had a great time playing the villain. "That they called me for Sonic made me very excited. Making a movie that brings good memories and connects with new generations was a great pleasure. I'm very lucky. I had a lot of fear," says the actor.

Carrey, famous for his comedies and characters like Ace Ventura or La Máscara, has been enthusiastic about Robotnik: "He's crushed. As he has an intelligence quotient of 300, it took me a week and a peak to prepare. I have taken the point of this character. " He has also stated that he loves the mustache: "The mustache was tremendous. I wish I grew to like this."

If Ivo Robotnik is as crazy and unpredictable as it seems in the advances, it is due to the work of Jim Carrey. Director Jeff Fowler explains that they didn't have much material to serve as a source to build the villain. "I mean, obviously we had a great time with the character. The development we did with him and everything else was done so well, and only with the signing of Jim Carrey and all the ideas he had. I feel he responded to the character in the most incredible way and had many ideas to develop. "

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer

Sonic the Hedgehog opens in Indian cinemas this Friday, February 28.


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