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Release Date: February 07, 2020 Rating: 2.5 / 5
Cast: Nandu, Priyanka Sharma, Srikanth Reddy, Sivakumar
Directed by: Sahit Mothkuri
Producers: Santosh Mothkuri and Nishank Reddy
Music: Shekhar Chandra
Cinematographer: Monish Bhupathiraju
Editor: Santosh Menam

Priyanka Sharma as the heroine of the film, with the short film "Bandam Ragad" as the heroine, Sahit Mothkuri's latest film, Sahari Mohdkuri, which won the prestigious "Saima" Best Short Film at 2018, is a movie with music and soundtrack. The film has now attracted the attention of the silver screen audience Let us know

King in the slum area Savaari, who is his ancestor, makes a living and makes his living. Against this backdrop, his horse (Badshah) means himself. But there is a problem with that life. The horse is struggling to make ends meet. He loves Bhagi (Priyanka Sharma) as well. But someday, Badshah will miss out on some unexpected consequences. Why did Baadshah so love? Who has the reins? Did you find it? How much does the original King of Bhagi love? What is the obstacle to their love? Things like this should be seen on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:
As an actor, he has done a lot of films to support roles and as a hero. But a film that would make a special mark for himself, could not bring much scope. But it must be said that this film will definitely bring that impact to a career. The film has reinvented itself by looking stylish in so many aspects to date.

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 It must be said that his performance was a major highlight of the film. The acting is very good as she appears in the role of innocent character and with small mannerisms. There is no doubt that the film itself has been driven to bring that feeling to the viewing audience of the film in several crucial emotional episodes.

The heroine Priyanka Sharma has also done a good job. Also, throughout the film, she looks like a good mass girl, and with a good sense of humor, how to dress herself to the scene is good. The two tracks on the previous track, Thy Eyes Song and Undipova's songs are just as visual.

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Also seen in the villain role is Srikanth Reddy's side of villains with one side of comedy Angle being well carved out. It was well-known by the director. Shiv Kumar and others have done full justice to their roles.

Minus Points:
The story point in the film, as well as the heroine's characters, are fascinating. The film went on to be a non-logic screenplay with Fake Emotions. Though some scenes in the first part seem to be fun, the film's strong con guilt is missing. Over the second half, some love scenes were unnecessarily stretched between the heroines.

Also, there is a lack of naturalism in the story, with some scenes dramatically increasing. A horse-riding boy in the slum area, a girl who falls in love with a rich class girl, and a little May Drama Incident that the girl is also a villain to love, because of the problems in their love story. The elements hurt the film's outcome.

But even in these scenes, the director cultivates a good sense of humor. Overall, the director elevates the content that he wants on the screen... In some cases, disappointment. Although it is possible to write scenes that are still good in terms of content, it is not desirable for the director to conclude the film.

Technical Section:
As stated earlier, the director has taken a good concept. However, there was some hesitation in showing the concept on screen. However, he was impressed with some comedy and love sequence and the climax and some key scenes. Monish Bhupathiraju's camera performance is impressive. The visuals and the shots he took were very good. The music provided by the music director Shekhar Chandra is excellent. The background music was very impressive in some of the emotional scenes. Santosh Menam's work as an editor was also impressive. Producers Santosh Mothkuri and Nishank Reddy are also good in production.


A bold slum love story, the film is impressive in terms of concept as well as some comedy scenes, climaxes and sometimes dialogues and emotional scenes. Otherwise, the film is not going to be interesting. The story is simple, the lack of proper logic to some of the key scenes in the film, and, above all, a strong conflict in the film, makes the film weak. However, the love scenes between the heroines and the villain gang comedy track as well as the acting in the film are the highlight. And it remains to be seen how far this film stands near the box piece.


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