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The Tamil remake of the 96 film was remade in Telugu by Jaanu. The audience has come forward today (February 7) to recreate the magic of Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha's magic in Telugu. And what about the 96 created records in Kollywood? To what extent did Jaanu name Samantha and Sharwanand? Let's take a look.

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Ramachandran (Sharwanand) loved Janaki Devi (Samantha) as a child. Just like in the school age, one can be liked. Due to certain circumstances, the two are separated. Fifteen years later they meet again in the re-union party.

Twists in the story
Why did Ramachandran and Jaanu break up? What efforts did Rama Chandran make to meet the girl he loved? What was the Jaanu reaction when he met Ramachandran fifteen years later? How did the story of Jaanu and Rama Chandran finally end? Jaanu is the answer to those questions.

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Fastaf Analysis
The story begins with Ram Chandran, who wanders around enjoying nature as a traveling photographer. Telling photography lessons, the story goes on with those students' fun scenes. The story becomes interesting when Ram recalls the memories of his childhood. Fastop almost looks like a flashback episode. All of those scenes are similar to the past. Even in the many films that have seen the school age love stories .. Zanu seems to have once again made magic. The Get Together party was the first to be successful in hooking up audiences with old friends, jokes and fun scenes.

Second Analysis
How much filling the first half .. The second half was driven by emotions. All the scenes in the second half come between Sharwanand and Samantha. He drove for over an hour with these two. Scenes like recalling the past and making fun of the second half. But they are also not boring anywhere. From the first frame to the last frame of the film, the viewer is not allowed to look at the same feeling. By the end of the film, the audience will come out with a heavy heart.

Actors Performance
The film is about Rama Chandran and Jaanu. The story revolves around them. However, Sai Kiran Kumar and Gauri Ji Kishan played their childhood roles. Not to mention Sharwanand and Samantha. We've already seen how similar characters can live if they get this. Apart from Samantha, Sharwanand, Jaanu and Rama Chandran appear to the audience. The gestures they show in each frame make the film look good. Emotional Scenes Both starred in Peaks. With their performance, the two of them became strong in the film.

Plus points
Music direction by Samantha Sharwanand

Minus points
Slow generation is a remake

Director's performance
The director who once created magic with a story .. Again it is a little difficult to re-create the same miracle with different actors with the same story. However, See Prem Kumar seems to have conquered it. If Jaanu is watching the film in the middle, Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha come to mind. It is not the fault of the director. It is not the actor's fault. 

Why is the magic that was created with 96 film and so on. However, the viewer who has not seen the original film .. The remake will definitely go back to the past. The remake of Telugu is not going to be a commercial hunger .. However, the story seems to be minuscule. Try it with a sincere effort .. The director has succeeded in it.

Performance of technicians
The music of Govind Vasanth is the lifeline to the film. Every song comes down to the scene and makes you feel .. Especially when the Uhale Uhale song comes out, an unknown magic is created in the theaters. Zanu's story seems to be good if it is a bit fast. Editor Praveen KL seems not to be wrong in this regard. 

Samantha and Sharwanand look even more beautiful on Mahendran Jayaraj's camera. The dialogues in the movie Jaanu are very good. The art department and architectural values ​​have each increased the level of cinema. Special congratulations to Dil Raju, the producer who came forward to remake the 96 film. Instead of mimicking the commercial hunger .. 96 's film is rather than miss the feel of the film.

Cast: Sharwanand, Samantha, Vennela Kishore, Saranya Pradeep
Directed by: See Prem Kumar
Producer: Dil Raju Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music: Govind Vasant
Cinematography: Mahendran Jayaraju
Editing by: Praveen KL

Zanu is a good option for those who enjoy pure love stories. Zanu is a good memory for audiences accustomed to routine commercial Telugu films. But it is questionable how much such films play in the Bee and Sea Centers. In commercial calculations, it is necessary to see what range of success Jaana receives. 3Movierulz.in Rating 3/5.


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