This review of 'Cats' ensures that you have to enjoy the show and not listen to the 'haters'

copyrightThis review of 'Cats' ensures that you have to enjoy the show and not listen to the 'haters'

After the avalanche of criticism of the film released on December 25, some speak in their favor.

Tom Hooper is having a bittersweet Christmas. Cats has already been released, but the data at the box office does not accompany. The critics, on the other hand, ensure that it is one of the craziest cinematic experiences that you can experience and some assurance that you have to know how to enjoy the movie and leave aside the most 'haters' comments. One of them is Julian Roman, who writes in the magazine MovieWeb in favor of the animated musical.

If you liked the musical, you will like the movie. If you appreciate the incredible choreography, the classic songs like "Memory" and the performances of a cast of stars, 'Cats' is a festive pleasure

Cats have a simple narrative, says the editor. The plot is based on a 1939 poetry book by T. Elliot, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. A scared kitten, Victoria, played by dancer Francesca Hayward, is abandoned in an alley in London. He quickly surrounds himself with a gang of stray cats called the "jellies," who sing "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" to perform. Whereupon, the scenes are faithful to the musical.

I agree that cats are a bit strange, but they certainly grow in you as the movie progresses. You need a voluntary suspension of disbelief to watch a live-action movie about cats singing.

The journalist affirms that he is a fantasy musical and that should not be forgotten; It must be accepted as it is: the adaptation of the famous Broadway musical on the big screen. The filmmakers have succumbed to the ease of criticism but, according to him, "always those who complain make more noise."

The film indeed needs better transitions between musical numbers, there is little narrative flow, and it is still a movie. But Broadway's play is a show. Hooper embraces that philosophy. He puts all his strength into song and dance.

Be that as it may, the director is trying to amend the opinion of the critics and the spectators, and on Christmas Day he sent a new and improved cut of the film, with the same footage, but solving some flaws in the animation and improving the style of the CGI. On these lines, do not miss the improved trailer.


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