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The sensational director is Rangopal Verma, the Tiger Company's production t. Nayana Ganguly and Suri are the heroines of Anjaya's Samajwadi, directed by Agastya Manju. Naresh Kumar, T. Love and Romantic Entertainer Beautiful (Tri Beauty to Rangeela) is a sub-title produced by Sridhar. The film was released today. Let's go back to the review to see how well this film copied Audience!


Rini (Naina Ganguly) is a natural girl who enjoys life while enjoying herself and enjoying the present moment. Mayank (Suri) is a boy who has no plans to grow up in life and has no desire to downsize or be lost in front of the girl he loves. Mayank and Rini love each other with such completely different temperaments. 

However, Rinny has a chance to become the heroine of the film and become a big star heroine. In the aftermath of some of the events, Mayank gets away with Rin. Rini decides to go away from life forever. Why does Mayank want to distance Rini? What is Rini doing for Mayank's love? Were they finally together? Or not? What brought them together? If you want to know about this picture on the silver screen.

Plus Points:

The hero of the movie is trying to settle down with Suri Is. His performance is good, especially in the first few scenes, or the erotic love scenes with the heroine. All in all, he tried to be emotional with good emotions. His hard work in Dance and some Main Scenes is clearly visible on the screen.

Nina Ganguly is also impressed with her performance as well as her glamor. The actor who played the role of the manager in the film also did full justice to his role. The film has some talented actors who are not well acquainted with Telugu audiences.

Minus Points:

The beauty of the movie name is gone. The director over-exaggerated the youth-connected elements, but with the exception of a few shots, it was also boring. The hero of the whole thing, the hero of the hero, believing that he can love and be happy. C Nimani is very boring. In addition to this, the weak characters in a story that is not strong have the least amount of intrusion on the film.

In particular, the way the heroine's acting is good, the characters are weakened. No matter what the hero does, unless the goal is limited to thinking. Actually, he does not even have Clarity. The hero's character is not connected to the audience and is annoying. In addition to the actual incident and the scene in which the characters are placed on the screen.

Technical Section:

 Speaking of technicians, director Agastya Manju seems to be a director in some places... The writer is a complete failure. There is no point in his script. Songs provided by the composers are not. O Song, in particular, is impressive. Similarly, the background score seems to be missing in some key scenes. If the editor had unnecessarily scripted unnecessary scenes, the film would have reduced the bore. The cinematography work in the film is good. Some of the visuals are very natural as well as very beautiful. Producers t. Naresh Kumar, T. The architectural values ​​practiced by Sridhar are irrelevant.


 Directed by Agastya Manju as the heroine of Naina Ganguly and Suri, the film is a love and romantic entertainer. When dealing with love stories, the story, narrative, characters, and scenes should make the audience feel immersed in the film and feel a good movie. But this is not the case. It features heroine acting, some bold scenes that are okay, but weak storylines, intriguing stretches, and unconnected play make the movie boring. All in all, this love story does not impress the audience. Rating: 1.75 / 5


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