Psycho Review: Death, darkness, fear; Or Psycho | Psycho Movie Review

copyrightPsycho Review: Death, darkness, fear; Or Psycho | Psycho Movie Review

Mishkin's psycho hit the audience with the claim that it is the most violent film in the history of Indian cinema. As soon as the trailer of the movie was released, the movie became a big debate. Psycho is a crime thriller that combines brutal murder and horror.

First of all, this is not a suspense thriller. It is clear from the beginning who the culprit is. What makes him so cruel? It is this question that drives the story.

The film is based on the story of Angulimalan, mentioned in Buddhist legends. Angulimalan is a character who makes a vow to make people chandelier with their fingers and attach them to her deity. The story is about the enlightenment of Angulimalan, who finally meets the Lord Buddha.

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The film's storyline is about a young man named Gautam, who is blind, struggling to escape the psyche of Daigini. Dakini's disappearance came a day after Gautam made a romantic getaway. The film features guest stars Rao Hydari, Nithya Menen, Udayanidhi Stalin, Ram, and Renuka.

Now let's get into the story. Girls go missing under mysterious circumstances in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. They are found with their heads cut off. A series of murders that have left police and locals sleeping for a year and a half. Every move of the offender without leaving any evidence. He is a regular in the press. None of the abducted young women are raped. It is therefore not clear what his motive is.

Meanwhile, a radio jockey named Dagini goes missing. The victims will be killed immediately, according to the kidnapper's method. But Dani's murder is postponed indefinitely. He ties her up and moves on to the other victims. The killer who sets the audience on the threshold of fear is a sociopath. It is not a congenital manifestation of birth. His biggest culprit is his distorted surroundings.

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Mishkin Psycho has written the script without even catching the audience's prediction. However, when the film sheds light on the causes of the murder, the script is not adequately validated. A few scenes questioning the logic of the audience seemed like a stone bite. This time, Mishkin focuses on the presentation rather than the character. It seemed to be a drawback because the resolution theme was so sensitive.

The cinematography and background music support for the film is noteworthy. The songs and the background music composed by Ilayaraja are in keeping with the theme. The frames of PC Sreeram and Tanveer played a huge part in creating panic among the audience.


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