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Generally, opera prima is one of the most important moments in a director's career. It is the letter of introduction that, at first, should be aimed at making the career of directors and directors with their right foot begin their passage through the world of cinema. The letter that, in the background, will make your name pass from one producer to another, with good or bad references, to see if the green light is given to more projects signed by its label.

And debut with an animated feature of the caliber of Spies in disguise, which aims to want to be a pop-up ticket office for Christmas parties thanks to the cast that stars, may not be the best option to start. Moreover, when the film has a series of elements that make it too similar, it may be that more than what was originally planned, Spider-Man: Away from home, and the same formulas that the tape used.

We could be talking about coincidence, but having Tom Holland as one of the main characters in the dubbing section, makes the idea that that is the main source from which Nick Bruno and Troy Quane's opera cousins ​​drink argument. , be irrefutable.

Maybe the main problem is that the plot is based on a short film written and directed by Lucas Martell - made exactly a decade ago - that should never have been extended so much until it became a feature film. Not because of the quality of that short film was bad, but because there are stories that do not necessarily need to be extended. There are times when the good if brief, twice good.

Spies in disguise starts with the classic sequence of action in which the hero, in this case, Lance Sterling, played with Will Smith - with whom he also shares a fairly similar physical resemblance -, shines down defeating dozens of enemies without disheveled. Presenting what will be the leitmotif of the film: the action. The action set pieces to yearn to shout out wanting to represent in a certain way two of the great influencers of the decade about that genre: Chad Stahelski, with his films by John Wick, and Michael Bay, with practically all his filmography.

The standard cut animation perfectly and entertainingly represents that unbridled action shown in its most adult references. With rhythm, latency, and touches of humor that makes them much more bearable and, at the same time and for the little ones, remove iron from the violence that is being projected.

Tom Holland, who also seems to play a boy similar to Peter Parker, for his inventor skills and being a "social rejected" that ends up being a key piece in history and, of course, of the survival of humanity, it seems not being completely comfortable with dubbing. It is possible that due to lack of experience, but the character's natural reactions are sometimes over-interpreted or exaggerated. Luckily, Rashida Jones and Ben Mendelsohn successfully culminate the main cast accompanying Will Smith in his role as protagonist.

However, returning to that reference that weighs behind him, Spies in disguise puts on the table a series of ingredients already seen in Spider-Man: Away from home he seems to want to use as a secret formula to ensure at least a guarantee of success: a villain who plays a role similar to that of Jake Gyllenhaal, a protagonist who is at a personal crossroads, assault drones, Europe as the center of the action, and more features that we can not reveal to not do any kind of spoiler.

They are elements that all they do is normalize the film too much. That is, take it to the neutral ground in which, certainly, the film is seen, since it is simply an accumulation of situations that we have already seen in previous projects that do not mean that the product is of low quality. However, it is precise that that makes the tape small of one of the worst things that can happen to work, whether audiovisual or not: that causes indifference.

It is very difficult to talk about those products that only leave us with a neutral feeling. That they are “intermediate” and that they only seek to function as entertainment, even if based on what other works have built before their arrival. Spies in disguise sail in those waters; a film that is seen, that has gears that manage to entertain but that brings absolutely nothing and that fails to leave any kind of brand, poso or seal in the mind of the viewer.

Nick Bruno and Troy Quane may have chosen not to get too wet in those beginnings in the celluloid world to remain in the catalog of mainstream directors that producers always have at hand to get pre-cooked projects. Something that may come in handy to earn easy money, but that is not effective if you are looking to create a name within the industry.

In any case, Spies in disguise works as entertainment, especially for the little ones for its great visual spectacularity, and enjoys a cast that supports and understands it wonderfully, although it is not a dubbing that really reaches beyond the limits of the excellence. Perhaps the only case that achieves that is the character of Will Smith, given that both, as we said, are nail and flesh even as far as visual representation is concerned.

For the rest, we are facing a film that runs the risk of going too unnoticed because of how little original it turns out to be and because of the little effort it makes in wanting to seek to be original. Now, what does make it clear is that there may be room for sequels, as is usual in most projects of this court in Hollywood?

The action sequences are very colorful
Will Smith mixes wonderfully with his character

It is built on a formula seen too many times
It brings nothing new
The script leaves much to be desired

The verdict

Spies in disguise seem like an action standard and comedy film that is too standard and with somewhat obvious references that bare the little originality that his libretto could have. Will Smith, Tom Holland and Rashida Jones are not enough to raise the project, although they give the occasional memorable gag. For his part, Smith seems the most natural on paper and the one who feels most comfortable giving life to his animated character.


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