Yedu Chepala Katha Review A Certified Film Is More

copyrightYedu Chepala Katha Review A Certified Film Is More

That's the Yedu Chepala Katha... A certified film is more. The teaser, trailer, posters that are less of a porn movie, there are a lot of people who hang on their mouths. Yedu Chepala Katha's storyline with a nude scene with punk porn content was promoted to theaters on November 7. And this is the story of Yedu Chepala Katha? Nita? Let's see in the review.

Thalassemia for Tempt Ravi (Abhishek Reddy). He dies if blood is not taken once in thirty days. Also, if someone is posing in front of him, it is not tolerated. Radha (Bhanu Sri) Room Mate for Orphan Tempt Ravi They are given two more friends. They are also victims of thalassemia and are struggling with cell phone thefts and blood transfusions. But in the batch, Tempt Ravi works hard.

The concept of working as a cell mechanic (Ayesha Singh) helps Blood Donate to tempt Ravi. Tempt Ravi falls in love at first sight with the feeling that he has helped her unwittingly. The feeling, however, becomes unknowingly pregnant. She prepares to commit suicide by not knowing who caused her to become pregnant.

But she is saved by a man named Sunder in case of suicide. What's dead and what's not to say to her... I will find out what the pregnancy spread. As a result, Nuve asks for a favor. Meera is convinced that the girl she loved is dead...

In the same context, Tempt prefers Ravi along with Ravi. Amman, who has grown in love with him, tries to tempt Ravi. When Ravi refuses, Ammu succeeds and dies.

However, the tempt Ravi Ever seen and tempted... All night they come to Ravi's dream. Unaware of the dream, Ravi has sex with the seven. This is the story of the seven girls who raped Yedu Chepala Katha. Who are these seven fish? Why Ravi? Who is selling? Who propagated the concept? What did Radha eventually do for Ravi? That is the rest of Yedu Chepala Katha.

Yedu Chepala Katha's story teaser and trailer, with nude scenes with pseudo-boo content, sparked the film's ominous hype. The teaser, trailer, and poster have shaken social media with the release of a seven-story storyline with over 500 screens. The film, which prompted audiences to love the Adult content, was a big boob movie, and the audience was queuing for the category.

However, with the huge publicity of the film as Pukka Booth film, the category of audiences who love A-certified films today has become the art of the film. But they are desperate to miss the adult content that they have come to the theater.

Seven of the teasers featured seven fish, making them unlimited. Lip locks were provoked... and the bedroom scenes were also shown in a variety of angles with the camera. With all this .. O Magucuku Mallepoolu Mugadhi rape scenes with rape scenes, the film is not sure that Porn cinema has nothing to do with it.

However, with the censor members covering the head, there were scenes in the final output, all of which were cut. No matter how obscene, vulgar conversations .. are limited. There is nowhere to be found. Scenes from the teaser and trailer are not visible on the big screen or the range of sensor scissors can be understood.

Censor officer Rajasekhar IAS has seen the film. There are three ladies in the censor's office. As they were showing off the film without blurs... Tempt Ravi's part of the promotions that they have covered their heads with shame. Somewhere scissors fell.

Ravi's temptation in the teaser and trailer of Kamantho is very fresh. He was also impressed with his mature performance in the film Adult Comedy. Comedy cultivated. Bhanu Sri, who played the role of Radha, got the full-length role several days later. The beauty of the beauty kept her away.

But as part of a scene .. Bhanu Sriki Sri Reddy got a big brave director. Sri Reddy with a big blob on the forehead and the road to the scene of the scene is the director. Sri Reddy reacted to this scene, but there is another danger.

It is difficult to identify them because their fragmented face is not known for Yedu Chepala Katha. Although the director's intended adult comedy content is good, the presentation feels like a mess. Director on the screenplay. No matter what the sensor is affected... The story is driven by the scene regardless of the scene. The confusion of who is coming and why the story is being created. The twists, spirits, and climax twists in the story were impressive, but the story didn't work because of the lack of presentation.

The technical value is down to the cinema. Songs are just fine. However, they were unable to do justice to the background music. Simply conclude without having to spend big on locations.

Finally... Yedu Chepala Katha tele teaser and the trailer, imagining that there is something else in the movie if you go to the cinema. It's a good pastime for those who are going to let us see the tempt Ravi for a while instead of Yedu Chepala Katha.

Rating: 2/5


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